Is there a term for the current standard medical advice?


Okay, so we have the term SAD = Standard American Diet. Is there a term for the current standard medical advice? I sure appreciate you guys who are willing to think outside of the box!

I belong to another FB health group and I think it’s raising my mag burn rate, lol. Maybe I shouldn’t be there. They share all kinds of ideas that in this group we feel are harmful.

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  1. In attempt to be funny and revealing my personal opinion I would have to say BS. Emergency medicine is great, but anything to do with a chronic condition with me is suspect if not misguided at least from drug perspective.

  2. I'm on another mag group too, I don't even read their stuff anymore.

  3. Morley puts it well… Mineral Denialists

  4. There's another mag group? o.0

  5. I have gotten off of many groups and emails because they don't agree with us here.

  6. Not that we're not open to new ideas. That's the whole reason we are here. There is a lot of good information to study here. I think I will focus on learning it.

  7. How about SCAM… Standard Care of Allopathic Medicine.

  8. I have some terms for our incompetent medical system but they aren't allowed on FB.

  9. 18 months ago I saw a gastroenerologist who is world famous and advises the MOD on nutrition and diet during endurance, he has also been involved in some flagship studies in the UK – he just happens to practice at my local NHS – 'Yippee!' I thought . He said he diagnosed many people with non coeliac gluten intolerance (including me) but didn't believe I had candida, didn't think my osteoporosis diagnosis at age 40 was anything to do with diet and he didn't know why the iron infusions he gave me made me sicker, really ill (he did agree that I shouldn't have another one though) then he ran the full iron labs and copper/zinc and told me there was nothing wrong with me. This was 2 years ago and I realised I was on my own. Been on GAPS diet, and protocols on here. I had a followup with one of his doctors a year ago and explained how I was regaining my health and he looked at me as though I was mad.

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