Is there a test to diagnose you with Hashi’s?


I know this may be a stupid question but is there a test to diagnose you with Hashi’s? I have high TSH and I also have autoimmune issues (Vitiligo). I hear Hashimoto’s and Vitiligo go hand in hand…thoughts and knowledge greatly appreciated.

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  1. My Dr diagnosed me after running labs for antibodies. My TPO came back ‘higher than normal’, so she said it was Hashi’s and wrote a referral to an endo

  2. Yes there are 2 antibodies tests that will tell them if you have Hashimotos or Graves

  3. Antibodies test

  4. Mind me asking what all you have had going on with vitaligo? My husband has it and we always hear “we don’t know that much about vitaligo so we can’t tell you if this is related to it or not” he can have some pretty strange symptoms at time….nerve issues and like half his face and tonge going numb for weeks on end….they can’t figure out why…everything seems to come on when he is getting new areas of fading

  5. Yes I once read that they are both on the same gene so very closely linked. As far as I know vitiligo has no symptoms other than losing pigment (I’ve had it since 6 months of age) if you have other symptoms ask for your thyroid to be checked. The only way to know properly is a blood test to check for thyroid antibodies

  6. Antibodies is how I got diagnosed. All my other tests are normal. I had been tested for years just my
    Tsh cuz of my mom having graves. Actually got diagnosed when they ran antibodies. Don’t let them run just tsh. To this day my tsh is still normal.

  7. They can also ultrasound as well to give you an idea of what stage the Hashimoto’s is in . Mine is almost middle stages of the disease .

  8. Also, I am in the waiting game . They will not treat my Hashimoto’s until my tsh is not normal . I do go Wednesday for a biopsy on my nodules . I am hoping for help after that .

  9. Not everyone with Hashimoto’s has elevated antibodies

  10. I had gone to my ob with irregular bleeding. He took one look at me and asked me about a bunch of symptoms and automatically said I had a thyroid disease. That’s when I had all my labs ran. Full work up. I had gone 5 years undiagnosed.

  11. I was diagnosed through two antibody tests, peroxidase and one other, blank right now, both were above normal. Regular T3, T4, and TSH didn’t show it. This was years ago after having been diagnosed with hypothyroid first.

  12. Checking TPOab and TGab can help determine if one has Hashi’s or ultrasound/biopsy.

  13. Thanks all with the feedback <3

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