Is there any contraindication when breastfeeding?


I have epsom salt baths when I can. Is there any contraindication when breastfeeding? And can someone sort out for me whether the first 20 minutes are detox, and the next for Mg absorption once and for all? It went back and forth on the last thread about this and I honestly can’t remember if there was a final verdict.

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  1. blood pressure issues might be one

  2. No problem with breastfeeding.

  3. How old is your baby ️
    Do you take magnesium supplements. Your baby will benefit by you boosting your magnesium because it will pass through breastmilk to babe.

    I would continue to enjoy your epsom salt bath.

    Wonderful that you are nursing your baby

  4. A) Safe while breastfeeding.

    B) I don't believe there is a verdict because nobody has any evidence. I would say your body is absorbing the whole time. I don't really buy when people may say it isn't but there isn't a study I can point you to or anything like that.

  5. Magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salt) is best for detoxing, although there is a study showing that Epsom salt does increase the Mg RBC level. Magnesium Chloride flakes are best for absorbing Magnesium. It is best to alternate the two, but not to mix them together.

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