Is there any such thing as gluten free flour?


I know this is going to sound like a very stupid question but I’m going ask anyways. Is there any such thing as gluten free flour? I’m looking for something to substitute my recipes I have at home with instead of having to find all new recipes.

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  1. Pillsbury makes one

  2. Yes, you can buy gf flour

  3. There’s lots! It’ll be made with things like rice flour or brown rice flour, potato flour, quinoa, corn, etc.

    My personal favorite is Bobs Redmill. You can find it online, Amazon, etc. it’s pretty popular so most grocery stores carry it too.

    Gf flour is a little different to work with & takes some practice, in my experience.

  4. Never a stupid question Krystle. Yes, some companies make a gluten free flour. Check your local health food store for guidance. Some grocery stores sell it also.

  5. theres a lot . Bobs Red Mill makes all kinds. I have a box of Bisquick GF pancake mix. haven’t tried it yet

  6. I like the King Arthur GF blend.

  7. Thank you everyone. I live in a very small town. And I have not seen any gf flour. I love baking and I make everything from scratch pizza dough, pancake mix ‘ll of it. Don’t want to give it up

  8. see what amazon has

  9. I make a homemade flour blend that works great as a cup-cup substitute for my regular recipes.

  10. There’s tons! Recently I saw coconut flour which is awesome because some GF flour has soy or something in it. you know you have allergies when you’re excited by seeing one ingredient on the label 😂

  11. We make our own mix from bulk flours 🙂

  12. unless cross-contaminated, rice, corn & tapioca flours are gluten free, but the (bulk) bins or packaged will confirm if are gluten free

  13. Yes. .i use grandpas kitchen. .is amazing. .i use it to substitute for everything and it works great.

  14. I use almond flour and/or coconut flour.

  15. I really like Better Batter. I order from Amazon because it’s more cost effective that way

  16. I order Better Batter in bulk from the company.

  17. Better Batter gluten free

  18. If you get flour that states ‘cup 4 cup’, you won’t have to add anything to it.

  19. No stupid questions. ..that is how we learn 😉

  20. Bob’s red mill has a GF 1 for 1 that is great for substituting straight away. Bob’s all purpose GF flour doesn’t work in exact measurements and can taste funny if you try to do it that way.

  21. Yes corn flour

  22. Bobs red mills makes a 1 for 1 gluten free I use it in all kinds of what would be regular wheat flour

  23. It’s cheaper if you can figure out a cup for cup mix that you like and that you can blend yourself.

    The other thing is that gluten free flours tend to be heavier. So for things like breads they are lighter if you sift the flour first then scoop it into your measuring cup. Then use a table knife to scrape the access.

  24. I use krusteaz gf flour its 1:1 ratio so you can use it like normal flour.

  25. What kind of yeast or substitute do you us to make homemade rolls or pizza dough?

  26. This was actually mentioned in another post I’m following recently. Cup 4 cup was the brand a professional Baker was recommending. There was another but I will have to go find it. Said he used to love Pamela but something in it was changed so he said not anymore. I will try to find it to show u 🙂

  27. Everyone starts out not knowing the answers to these questions. 🙂

  28. Yes!! I have found that Bob’s red mill 1 to 1 GF flour (also King Arthur GF multipurpose flour) both work pretty well. You can also make your own (can find recipes on the internet) It can take some getting used to at first with baking etc….

  29. Bob’s All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour NOT the 1 to 1 in any brand as it has Xanthium which is wheat! Gums…/

    How Dangerous Is Modified Food starch?

    Extracted from wheat starch, and widely used to add fiber in processed foods.
    Helps lower cholesterol (LDL and total cholesterol), reduces risks of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. May lower blood sugar and reduce risk for heart disease; more research is needed. Avoid if you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant.

  30. I love the Namaste gf flour. We get a big bag from cost co. Iv been able to use it in almost all my favourite recipes. But it’s also sold on Amazon for not that much more. Namaste Foods – Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend – 5 Lb Resealable Bag

  31. If you like baking you should check out gluten free on a shoestring. She’s got a great Facebook page and I’ve gotten some wonderful recipes from her.

  32. walmart to any good local groc store should carry .. amazon and just make sure it states cup2cup or ready to use

  33. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free baking products

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