Is there anything I can do at home with my filters?


I need some help with this one also. I filter my water, but it still has fluoride in it.How do I get filtered flouride free water? We have extremely hard water here. Is there anything I can do at home with my filters? I’m wondering if this has a lot to do with why my body acts the way it does. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. PUR doesnt remove fluoride. You have to get an under-sink filtration system with a filter specifically that targets fluoride for removal.

  2. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems remove fluoride.

  3. Berkey filtration system with the flouride filters.

  4. You can buy water without fluoride. Or use reverse osmosis.

  5. I ordered one online and had my husband install it. It has a small tank under our sink and then a spout that is next to our kitchen sink faucet.

  6. Thanks Candace and I use Vita Pur but I'm going to contact them. I will have to see if there's reverse osmosis for my table top system.

  7. I don't think reverse osmosis will remove fluoride. I would look into this.

  8. Btw I don't own the home, so putting one in is not an option. I should have said that to begin with. I have a table/counter-top water filtration system.

  9. I should clarify that reverse osmosis does not remove 100% of fluoride from the water. Sorry I didn't see that this wouldn't work in your situation Casey.

  10. Distillation would be the most thorough, reverse osmosis is a little better than Berkey, all are better than nothing. You can get countertop RO systems.

  11. I use zero water they sell it at Beth bath and beyond

  12. I use pro pur

  13. I read ascorbic acid for chloramines and borax for fluoride.

  14. RO water can be acidic…too many minerals removed…I know if oriole getting sicker using RO water…

  15. Spring water is the best to drink, we buy 5 gallon containers.

  16. I just called Berkey and was asking if it would work with my system and unfortunately it might not. But he was telling me that their Black filters remove a lot and will last about 6 yrs. The fluoride will last about 1 yr, but you have to use the water within 1-2 days because it's removed almost everything. He also informed me that they are working on a new filter that should be out shortly. He didn't clarify what was different. I found it interesting and I might check into their system, as I can do a counter-top.

  17. Unfortunately it is true that RO removes all dissolved solids down to a certain sized particle. For me it is worth it to evade the fluoride, but better for health to add back trace minerals.

  18. Distilled water.. Buy a counter top distiller

  19. Thank you everyone! I will continue reading and researching! Maybe this is what my family needs to do and then add back in like Marilyn Miller Beattie says for her. Idk, I just know I still don't feel well even after the filtering.

  20. We don't have a problem going through water with our Berkey. Have the Royal Berkey for our family of 5 and refill it every night. When we have guests I may fill it twice per day.

  21. Distilled water should only be used in medical situations. It's not safe for every day consumption- it leaches minerals away from your body, pulling out minerals.

  22. True also that water with all the minerals removed is very aggressive. Hard water is much better for health (and plumbing). I don't have studies at hand to support this but may go look for some (I have seen them) as this topic comes up periodically.

  23. Check out Jennifer Greene's work at the Water Research Institute in Blue hill Maine.

  24. How about distilled water with trace minerals added? I add Concentrace minerals to distilled water for my family.

  25. yes distilling water takes out the minerals

  26. I have the big berkey + the flouride filters. I bought it two years ago and love it

  27. We have a filter that takes out fluoride. Google fluoride sink filter and you'll for sure find something

  28. Berkey here too.

  29. I use distilled water in my sleep apnea machine….would that leach out minerals?

  30. Love my Berkey too. I can't believe the smell from the tap water of chlorine…can't imaging drinking that. I make my friends do taste tests and they are amazed at the crisp clean taste of Berkey water.

  31. rain water might help

  32. Ok Update: I'm actually meeting with a Bio-chemists next week and one of the things we are going to talk about is water. I have my own questions, but I'm looking for additional ones that I might not realize to ask. Suggestions? I can post what I'm told afterwards if everyone would like. The beauty of where I live (even though we have extremely hard water) is that it's one of the cleanest water sources around here. I'm kind of interested to see what they say. They also make Vitamins, so lots of info for me this next week.

  33. Fwiw, PUR used to advertise on their pitcher & filter boxes that their filters *added* 3x as much fluoride as Brita (and/or 'the other leading competitor). They've since removed this from their marketing (but not sure if from their product!) …And finding a picture of a box that had this on it in a Google-image search isn't as easy as it used to be.

    It was removed from their marketing around 2007 when the anti-fluoride awareness deal started really ramping up on the internet…with the help of Facebook, of course.

    Again, no idea if it's still the case or if they even add fluoride anymore

  34. RO water tastes revolting and I feel like it actually draws nutrients from me if I drink it. Yuk

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