is there gluten in cheese ?


THOUGHT : I talked to a Cheese Monger yesterday where I work. I asked ” is there gluten in cheese ?” Answer was very interesting.. He said usually No unless its a mix of cheeses or spices added ( unknown ) then he said IF the cows are fed wheat,oats or barley then it could transfer into the cheese. He said Darigold only feeds cows grass .. I LOVE cheese and dairy, I have had for 10 years reactions ( including eggs ) but never did anything about it . Once I was tested for CD the Dr did a food alleregy test and ALL dairy and chicken eggs were high… I dont know how much per million it can transfer over but its definitely a interesting thought ….. FYI

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  1. Question did you do the blood work for allergies or the test where they stick you with all of them. I need to have one done bc more and more things are making me sick.

  2. Dr did a blood food allergy test..

  3. Melanie what kind of doctor did you go see for those test?

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have wondered about this too but didn’t know where to ask

  5. That’s very interesting! I didn’t think about what the animal is fed transferring to the food! I wonder if that is true for meats as well 🤔

  6. Gluten cannot pass through to the milk.

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