Is there something I can use to heal it up faster?


Stupid question, but maybe you guys have an answer. Monday night I was going up the stairs and lost my footing and fell on my knee. There is a huge purple and blue bruise and it makes it hard to kneel down while at work. Is there something I can use to heal it up faster? Thank you!!

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  1. I find arnica really helps bring out bruising more quickly – apply a topical cream as well as taking a pilule.

  2. I've used emu oil on a bruise, seemed to help. I used it liberaly.

  3. Arnica cream

  4. Arnica and Traumeel

  5. Coconut oil

  6. Arnica gel and magnesium oil

  7. Arnica & mag.

  8. Thank you, everyone! Can I find the Arnica at a health food store?

  9. Yes, arnica is usually found in most health food stores.

  10. Yes, Arnica Montana can be found at most health food stores. They have pellets to put under your tongue and a gel form to put on the skin.

  11. Helichrysm essential oil

  12. Castor oil, best bruise remover ever!!!! I have used it on my son since the 1st day he learned to walk. Rub it on, helps with swelling and breaks up blood under the skim.

  13. I've had good luck with MSM lotion helping bruises heal quickly– and I'm one of those people who usually has bruises last a long time.

  14. Nothing compares with comfreyointment from my long use of it. Great for sprains strains and bruising. Also known as bone knit. If you use it for breaks, it will heal much faster, so make sure the break is in the right place. Very fast acting. Do not apply to open skin.

  15. arnica salve

  16. I tried arnica a few times, but I found it did not absorb any near as well as the comfrey did.

  17. I actually have castor oil for a liver detox I'm supposed to do per my Naturopath. I put that on and we'll see how it helps! 🙂

  18. use eucalyptus oil on any bruises – most effective when immediately applied, but will still help with the swelling and bruising and pain

  19. That happened to me,about a month later x-ray showed a shattered (half way through ) patella. Have you had your knee looked at by a Dr.? I did right away and he said eh ..nothing but a bruise, and then a month later eh was aahh we made a mistake.

  20. I had a funny experience. I had "bruising" appear on my thigh for no reason. It worried me. I soaked in an Epsom salts bath and it went away. A miracle! Afterward I figured out that the mysterious markings came from black dye in some new pants, and the bath washed it away. I felt silly for getting so excited over nothing. :/

  21. i use either arnica gel or mag oil

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