Is this a familiar thing that people would have if they had RD?


Hi everyone. Thanks for the add.
I have a question that I am confused about and my Dr isnt much help but can you get Raynaud’s Disease in one finger, like the thumb? I’ve had some serious stuff going on, extreme pain, thumb is blue, ice cold to touch and no amount of pain relief helps it. Feels like my circulation is cut off. At first it was being treated as a spider bite because I honestly thought thats what had happened but now 2 weeks later I feel like my Thumb is about to explode.
Is this a familiar thing that people would have if they had RD? I’m so confused as I am just being thrown around from one Dr to another who has no clue. I do have other Auto Immune diseases but this has never come up till now. I dont want them to just label whats wrong cause its in the too hard basket. The pain is so extreme, a step up from the usual 🙁
Does anyone have any thoughts? I am booked in to have Scans again on Monday. Small town here so nothing is open over the weekend.
Thanks ahead.

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  1. It's possible. I had it in my right thumb for years and thought it was arthritis or something & now my hands and feet are all affected.

  2. It's possible. When I was first diagnosed, my Dr. recommended a low-dose aspirin. Have you tried that? Just one a day. And warm up your hand. Maybe just soak it in hot water, or something like that. Maybe wear a glove, if you can stand the pressure on your thumb.

  3. Yes mine just did my ring finger
    ..the Dr prescribed me nitro gylcerin cream

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. I was in such bad pain last night that I had to go back to hospital. I had no circulation at all going into my thumb, no pulse etc.
    The Dr applied a small patch of the Nitro Glycerin but warned me it would give me the biggest headache of my life. She wasn't wrong about that so I've spent Mothers day with a headache from hell.
    The patch did temporarily relieve some of the pain in my hand but its back with vengeance tonight. I don't think I can bare to put the patch back on, the head pain wasn't worth it 🙁

  5. Leesey you need to see a neurologist who has knowledge about RSD/CRPS. I have both RSD and Raynauds and they are somewhat similar but in many ways different. Get in to see your family doc or some other doc ASAP. Talk to them about Vitamin C in high doses, which is the front line for RSD for people who go undiagnosed. It many studies it helps it from spreading especially in those who are long to diagnose. Make sure you move your thumb as much as your pain level allows. Do not allow anybody to try to move it for you. DO NOT USE ICE as much as you many want to. I don't normally talk about the support group I admin for RSD because this is not the forum for that, but in this case I am making an exception. If you would like, PM me and we can chat.

  6. If you live in a state that allows for medical marijuana they have cannabis creams that work very well. If not, many with extreme localized pain use Ketamine cream compounds. They work very very well.

  7. Unfortunately our country is not even slightly close to bring Medical Marijuana to patients that would benefit from it but I will ask about the Ketamine cream compounds on Thursday. Thank you again, so very appreciate your help.

  8. An epsom salt for your entire hand. Very rarely is it pasted on to another family member, but it does increase the changes of getting the Raynaud's.

  9. Not as rare as you think Maria. My family is riddled with autoimmune and there are 4 of us that I know of who have Raynauds.. We all have other autoimmune diseases as well including Scleroderma (my father) and RSD

  10. Me and my dad have the same problem. He died from the sclero. and I am lucky I'm in remission. ( 4 years now ). The rest of my family has all sorts of auto-immune problems.

  11. My father also died from sclero…ok this sucks!

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