Is this a sign of low mag ?


I am strangely craving chocolate and coffee like you wouldn’t believe , is this a sign of low mag ? (I’m not pregnant so it can’t be that) I’m on magnesium but low doses as it made me feel weird and very tired

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Answers ( No )

  1. If Magnesium makes you tired add adrenal cocktail to balance your sodium and potassium

  2. Thank you I've tried it and felt worse but was told to build mag up a bit first then try it again ? I've been tired for a long time which think may be down to low mag

  3. Vary it with whole food vit c, avacado, sea salt. Or something like that maybe the sugar is bothering you.

  4. Whole food vit c, potassium supplements, salt


    I crave chocolate severely with low iron

  5. Oh I see it might me iron as I've been anaemia before and my ferritin is usually on the low side however we are not recommended on here to take iron ?

  6. Thank you will try it


    No . Dont take iron without doctor approval that is dangerous

  7. What mag are you taking and when and how much?

  8. could you just be craving the caffeine in both?

  9. low ceruloplasim for sure

  10. Isn't that also a sign of needing copper? I know most people think copper is the devil, but it helps me. I also crave very dark chocolate. But I have to be careful with the chocolate because it hurts my adrenals

  11. I'm taking ionic magnesium drops

  12. Hmm me too. Just bought some dessicated liver hoping that will help.

  13. How do I improve ceruloplasim what does it mean by the way ?

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