Is this baking soda OK to use in the soak?


Is this baking soda OK to use in the soak? The back said it’s created for house cleaning purposes, not for baking (due to the size of granules, I suppose). What do you think?

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  1. It's perfect.

  2. That's the one most of us use

  3. I use it for baking, soaking and cleaning.

  4. Baking soda is baking soda.
    That's what I use since it's the most economical size I can find.

  5. Yes I use it in the bath 🙂

  6. Teeth cleaning too

  7. I cleanse my face with it

  8. Just referring to size of bag. …product still same

  9. Thanks all. One of the reasons I asked is my husband questioned the way Arms and Hammer made this baking soda. I looked into it and this site below said: "Arm & Hammer (and other similar brands) use a chemical process that turns trona ore into soda ash and then reacts carbon dioxide with the soda ash to produce baking soda. This is not necessarily bad, per se, but it's not the same as …
    Brands like Bob's Red Mill and Frontier procure their sodium bicarbonate directly from the ground, in its natural state."

  10. What does it do puting this in your bath

  11. Use it all the time

  12. I would make sure it's aluminum free for soaking and ingesting

  13. Please do not use the soda on teeth – it will wear away the enamel and serious issues result. I even asked my holistic dentist if it was okay to use, he said yes. It is not. I have very thin enamel now with high sensitivity in some places. Did I mention the caries? 🙁

  14. My hubby's grandad used brush his teeth with salt, gently. I think in early 1900's maybe the didnt have commercial toothpaste?

  15. We use this one

  16. I use aluminium free.

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