Is this from a gluten intolerance?


Hey everyone. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. Been on levothyroxin for about 3 weeks. It’s seems to be working. I’ve been wheelchair bound due to my thyroid problems the past few months. Too weak and dizzy to walk. Well I can get around a lot better now. But I have a few questions. My endo hasn’t talked about me starting a gluten free. The pic is of my left arm. It’s only on the left. I’ve always had a lil bumpy patch which flares then goes away. It has moved down my arm. Is this from a gluten intolerance? Also, should I stop drinking caffeine completely? I usually try to get caffeine free pop from Wal-Mart but sometimes get a regular coke then my stomach gets upset. Any tips y’all can give me? Maybe share some recipes?

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  1. Clean up your diet. Eliminate sodas, sugars and chemicals.
    Do research on nutrition.
    Check out leaky gut syndrome.
    Gluten is not good for you.
    There are many things you can do to improve your health. These groups have been such a help for me.

  2. No sugar, no coffe, no grains, no flours, no dairy, no nuts, no seeds, off course GF. Add Magnesium, Selenium, Probiotics.

  3. And use Cetaphil for your dry skin

  4. I think it might be easier if you listed what is left after all the “don’t eat” stuff.

  5. Truth your body is telling you it’s not happy with what your putting in it

  6. I eat a well balanced diet. No need to be gluten free, or any other “free”, just because of Hashi’s.

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