Is this just significant of low minerals?


Can we talk about ADHD? Is this just significant of low minerals? Magnesium? My son’s school insisted we take our son to a psychologist and now they want to give him Tenex (guanfacine)…i really dont like this. Anyone have experience with this?

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, turned out she had Graves disease. Symptoms mimiced one another. If possible, please get a full thyroid panel done to rule out a thyroid condition first.

  2. I'm sorry. I don't believe for a moment that it's fair to diagnose and label a child ADHD to force them to adapt to a classroom environment. I kept my child from preschool and kindergarten as I knew they would label him that. He's 7 and he's just now able to really focus on a task or work in a group, etc. I think in many cases it's a nutritional issue or the fact that some aren't developmentally ready for a classroom yet.

    For us, drugs are out of the question unless it's a life or death scenario.

  3. Heather I agree I have successfully fought many school districts special education committee you can't tell them what a child needs because they are the experts liberal ass educators
    You have to guide them to the service and accommodations thru showing supporting evidence and reciting laws
    without showing anger frustration but with empathy once they think it's "there" idea the child gets what they need I often say before a meeting here goes my academy award winning performance

  4. Have you heard about the 11 year old girls who got implanted with IUDs at school without the parents' knowledge? It was actually on the news..

  5. Many studies have shown that zinc effectively treats ADHD symptoms; others have merely demonstrated that it improves the effectiveness of stimulant medications (e.g. Ritalin, amphetamine, etc…); but I rarely see studies that fail to demonstrate zinc's effectiveness for this condition. O.o

  6. i work in mental health and myself have ADHD….to be diagnosed, you have to have symptoms in multiple areas, not just one….i don't believe the school has a right to say he needs to be on medications. You always try other options first, like therapy to help control impulses, but if he is struggling in multiple settings, then it can be ADHD, or any other diagnoses…ADHD and anxiety look very similar, and if you give a stimulant to someone with anxiety, it makes it worse

  7. I've seen some studies demonstrating that magnesium supplementation has a general cognitive enhancing effect when administered during the mid and late developmental period, but never anything demonstrating that it specifically treats ADHD. Please let me know of any studies supporting this, though.

  8. Unfortunately, ADHD is a life or death scenario for many, Amanda. When you have a child with poor reasoning skills, high impulsitivity, no self control, etc, you can only protect them for so long. Many are "runners" and a flight risk at school, etc. It is very difficult to say with certainty whether a child can be "cured" by nutrition and such…it all depends on the child and the reason for the adhd. There may be structural damage to the brain and such, there is no way to know in most cases. It is a difficult decision for parents, and I agree that there are special diets and supplements that work in many cases. It is sad that most people don't even consider these because their doctors tell them not to. Unfortunately, meds are the easy (not really) "fix" for a poorly understood epidemic that can truly be debilitating. Parents often turn to them when they are at their wits end and have not found proper support in other avenues.

  9. meds help, they don't fix….like Laura McIntyre Hopper said…skills need to be taught to manage symptoms (which I hate calling it that because it is just a different way of learning/different brain structure)

  10. i work with so many parents who want us to "fix" their kid, yeah, doesn't work like that!

  11. Whether guanfacine will help depends on the specific symptom that you seek to treat. Guanfacine helps improve working memory (a major factor in attentiveness) in all test subjects, not merely people/animals with ADHD symptoms. However, I haven't seen any studies demonstrating that it helps with impulsiveness, the way that therapeutic doses of stimulants like Ritalin ironically do.

  12. Please let me know if you'd like sources for any of my claims.

  13. "Early into my youth with hair analysis back 1983, a young woman brought her 9-year old ADHD kid in to see me. He had gone through the route of Ritalin and all the other medications and they were about to throw him out of school. He was a classic hyperactive kid.

    At that time, I had a behavior rating scale. It had 36 points in it. When the mother filled it out, he was still rated 36/36 – very, very high. So we had a hair analysis on him. He was a fast oxidizer, a fast metabolic rate, low calcium, magnesium, high sodium, but potassium was even higher and his copper was 0.8. The ideal of copper is 2.5. Real low copper, which is very typical of a fast oxidizer" Also in the book "Strands of Health" starting on page 133 and going through page 137, Rick talks about ADHD and discusses why ADHD drugs work … "their hair TMA profiles reveal a very consistent pattern that shows low levelos of CA & Mg and higher levels of sodium and potassium. It is often noted TMA ratio of sodium to potassium (Na/K) is "inverted"…. a fast metabolic type with adrenal insufficiency… In the HTMA chart on page 133, K is much higher than Sodium.

  14. Myalgisk Encefalopati

  15. How do you check for elevated pyyroles?

  16. What most people don't realize is that meds actually make home life worse for the parent. Many think ADHD meds are used because parents are lazy and the meds are "easy". The parent typically pays the price early/late for the better behaviors that are seen in school. It all spirals out of control in the downtime. Horrible. This is where guanfacine often comes into play. Drs prescribe it to "take off the edge." It's the downer for the upper. What I can tell you from our experience with guanfacine, it made my child hyper initially and then crash out. In our case, it certainly would not have benefited him in school. It did not go well here. Some inattentive kids do benefit from Intuniv…I don't think it works well for hyper/impulsive symptoms in most cases. In our case, Magnesium helps better than any med for sleep and irritability. It does not cure hyperactivity here, though it does seem to help a little. Zinc and mag definitely help with many of the issues related to adhd, but I haven't found them to be the cure. Still working on it. 🙂

  17. We eliminated ADHD from our lives by healing our guts with a combo of the SCD and the GAPS diet. There's a ton of info in the GAPS info ~ it's worth the work!

  18. We are working on the gut here, too. In our case the gut is the #1 issue. My son's medication dosage has been cut in half in 3 months. Praying for no meds by the start of 2016.

  19. Not saying its the case with any of your children, but I've found that many kids are never really taught how to deal with their feelings, which can manifest in ADHD like symptoms. My kinders upset easily, as many children do, and won't be able to focus until their feelings are at least validated (no matter how trivial the issue might seem). Since I've implemented this strategy in my classroom, I've seen a huge improvement in all my students, especially my more disruptive ones. I created a "safe place" in my classroom that's kind of like a time out- except the kids actually like going there. If they're angry, sad, frustrated, anxious, etc., they go there and practice the strategies we learned. First, they try to calm down a bit with some fun breathing exercises and/or positive affirmations. Then they point to a picture of how they feel, and then they do something that might help them feel better (write a letter, draw a picture, read a book, talk to a friend, listen to music, give someone a hug or high five, journal, etc.) It's worked wonders with all my hyperactive little drama kings and queens lol! Its normal for kindergarteners to be hyper anyway.. It beaks my heart to know many of them are on pills, not to mention the INFANTS on these pills! Yes, there are infants on them and it's legal! Anyway, is a good resource for parents & teachers. I've heard nothing but great things from the parents- they even tell me how their kids tell them to take a deep breath when they're angry lol!

  20. I'm getting on this site to read for my whole family

  21. Both my sons were diagnosed with it and after a roller coaster of med's and horrible side effects, I stopped feeding them anything that wasn't homemade or that had dyes or chemicals. The transformation was immediate. They were calmer and could focus. They weren't happy with not being able to have certain things, but ultimately their health is in our hands.

  22. Alexis Kim, I have Celiac Disease, so I'm one of those people that have to eat Gluten Free for life. In my GF groups, many parents talk about the difference taking gluten out of their child's life has made in their ADHD, and some parents say they no longer have ANY adhd, once the gut has healed! Might be worth looking into.

  23. Thanks for all the tips!

  24. Wifi in schools and homes can be contributing to ADHD and other diagnosis in our children. They have thinner skulls and developing brains so it, like other radiation is going to cause worse problems in them. France did the right thing banning wifi in Kindergartens and restricting it in other grades but North America is slow to take any good action.

  25. Alexis – Rick Malter specialise in this. He calls it sensory processing disorder. With kids with ADD or ADHD or ODD the mineral pattern is clearly distinguished by HTMA. They need multi level attack – that is environment (they are often very sensitive to chemicals), food (often have food intolerances especially to artificial additives such as msg, artificial sweeteners and many others ), minerals needs to be targeted according to HTMA and how to approach them as a parent or teacher.

    We have many success with RPAH elimination diet but for some may still need to be medicated – however, they don't take the minerals in the equation. Stress = mineral loss – so it is easy to understand why it works because removing triggers of food intolerance does reduce stress on the body.

  26. read some of the articles

  27. Michelle Radlund Lindstrom

  28. Schools DO NOT her paid for kids taking prescription or OTC meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I totally agree about the Wi-Fi it has been done without our consent and it's clearly very damaging to young developing brains it should be banned. I work in the school all day and my daughter attends one so we cannot escape it. I feel like we are being denied a free and appropriate education and work place!!!

  30. I agree. I absolutely can't stand that my child is on an iPad all day at school! His electronics are extremely limited at home because they stir up a crazy stress/hyperactive/fight or flight response in him. He's like a crack addict where the iPad is concerned.

  31. To all concerned about all the EMFs—-there is one physician that I trust, has a high ethical standard, and is also very concerned about our body's health when exposed to so many EMFs in our contemporary society. His name is Dr. Dale Peterson in Sapulpa, Oklahoma—a MD that has done a 350* change is his practice of health care focusing on nutrition and toxins—-he carries a pendant to wear that blocks EMFs and a "dot" to put on your cell phone—they aren't expensive either. I tested the pendant and the dot and they work—just an idea. Be cautious about what is listed on the internet—many others, or similar products, do not work—you'll need to find someone to test the product on you if you don't know how to do energetic testing yourself.

  32. Candace where do you purchase these??

  33. Julie McMillen Evans—google Dr. Dale Peterson, Sapulpa, Oklahoma—-contact him—he has access to the good ones that protect us from EMFs and he is conscious of costs—he is an amazing man, and really an outcast in the Oklahoma Medical Community because what he does with nutrition and supplements, people get well, and the other docs don't like it—known him for over 20 yrs—1st as a "regular" MD and about 18 yys ago changed how he delivers healthcare that's not traditional West. medicine. I don't live in Okla anymore—but you can find him on google!! Good luck—the pendants you can wear under your blouse if you don't like the color. 🙂

  34. Freeshield.Com also has free shields for electronics that you can print out.

  35. EMFs—the critical part is the energetic testing on your body to see if these products block EMFs coming to your body, but not draining your body's energy system——Test, test, test, ANY product by someone who understands how to do that with the product off your body and then on your body or close to your body. The testing, with someone skilled, will tell you if that product works for you—-I've tested over 30 different products—-the only one that I can personally and ethically recommend is whatever Dr. Dale Peterson has access to. So much on the internet do NOT work to block the EMFs, no matter what they say—that's why testing is so important!! I can't emphasize testing enough. We are made of electromagnetic energy—you want the product to block our electromagnetic energy from being overloaded by blocking the external EMFs without affecting our body's natural EMFs Biofield.

  36. This went over my head lol

  37. It seems right and love the text Candace Sneed-Studebaker

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  39. Organite pyramids are supposed to absorb excess harmful energy from electronic devices. Unsure yet if they actually work, but if my son "has to" use them at school Im thinking he should have one of these on him.

  40. Do they have shields for laptops and pads as well? And where the heck do you get these tested??

  41. Check out earthing online!!

  42. Candace when you suggest testing are you referring to kinesiology??

  43. The best, is to have plug in internet but if you have wifi at home you can turn it off when you go to bed. This at least gives your family a break from the radiation.

  44. So the wifi puts out radiation?

  45. Julie McMillen Evans—in common language, kinesiology is a form of testing—as a former physical therapist this is not the word I use, I use energy testing—-the actual definition of kinesiology is "study of movement"—-so I split hairs a bit—when I test in this manner it is using a muscle to test the energy that is embryonically connected to the meridian and muscle, so you are feeling how the energy flows through the muscle—-I prefer to use the meridian for spleen to test anything I eat, supplements, etc.—-if you are really skilled you can use the circle test with index finger and thumb—–in the grocery store, or for supplements, the sway test is faster, however, I take my shoes off to do it and people sometimes give me strange looks :-)—–a great opportunity to talk about how to check your food, etc. to see if it will metabolize or be accepted by the body—-very handy to know—–just FYI—-even though I found a supplement brand that works for me I always test it anyway–just in case it became contaminated during the manufacturing process—the sway test is the easiest for people to do when they don't do energy testing on a regular basis. Sway test: stand on a flat surface, preferably without shoes, (especially rubber or synthetic soles), hold the item in your solar plexus and close your eyes—-if your body wants "sway" forward a bit, then it is ok, if you don't move at all it won't help you but won't hurt you, if you sway slightly backwards—your body won't accept it or metabolize it. Hope this helps someone! 🙂

  46. Robin Krones—read my last post—it has the sway test in it—so you'll know if food, supplements, EMF shields, necklaces, etc. will work with your energy system—-soooo easy!!!

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