is Whey protein gluten free?


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just few days ago i discovered that i have celiac disease, and i just want to ask the gym goers if is whey protein gluten free?

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  1. whey is not wheat. Whey is a milk byproduct. PLease read your ingredients and compare to a list of items you should avoid if celiac

  2. Post the ingredients

  3. We buy that from Costco…our’s actually says gluten free on the tub.

  4. I would stick to whey that says gluten free. There’s a lot out there that say gluten free on the label. If it doesn’t say it there’s a chance for cross contact.

  5. Not at all

  6. it depends on what you use for protein. I own a nutrition store… there ARE options for you

  7. Kaur Slucky whey is dairy.

  8. I DO know I can’t eat Optimum’s Protein Cake Bites, since they are not gluten free… It clearly states that they have wheat in those. I would say that the shake is fine

  9. Most proteins are gluten free…BUT be cautious I was diagnosed in August and I’ve still been testing positive and not feeling great yet. I went to see a natural dr and I was told that due to all the inflammation from having celiac for so long undiagnosed I have leaky gut, but also my body is doing something with dairy including whey and caisen called cross reactivity, so basically the proteins in the dairy is similar to gluten and I’m so inflamed that my body is breaking them down as if they were gluten and producing the antibodies still. I would suggest waiting a few months until you are testing gf on antibody tests. I can however have whey isolate and vegan protein powders. Good luck!

  10. Garden of life makes some good GF plant based protein. Company said all GF items are made in separate facility

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