Isabella Wentz’s Hashimoto’s Protocol?


Has anyone done Isabella Wentz’s Hashimotos Protocol? I’m curious if you’ve added the smoothies into your daily routine, juices, and used the supplements. I’m a little overwhelmed but willing to purchase a juicer you do everything it says, if it makes a difference.

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  1. I used a nutribullet to make shakes. Berries, pea protein, chard or spinach, bananas, etc. Only have a few days left. It's not too bad.

  2. And if you have an aldi near you they have a great variety of gluten free products and awesome prices. Live g-free brand. Message me any time of you wanna chat about it

  3. I'm just reading her book and got to liver detox protocol… I was diagnosed only a couple weeks ago.

  4. Get a Vitamix rather than a juicer. Strained juice without the fiber will spike your blood sugar. A blender gives you the nutrients and the fiber for optimal nutrition.

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