Isn’t that magnesium’s role?


My 18 month olds dentist told us this morning that we should use a little floride. He said it helps the teeth hold the calcium in the bones instead of it leaching out. Isnt that magnesium’s role?!

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  1. This was in my feed earlier today and you might find it interesting.

    My toddler has had decay issues (I believe related to tongue and lip ties that weren't corrected at birth). As soon as the decay appeared, I took her to a pediatric dentist who filled the small cavities, I started using the flouride toothpaste they insisted on, in addition to supplements, xylitol, etc. I really don't think the flouride helped at all, and I'm about to order some more xylitol toothpaste online because I'm so fed up with it all.

  2. Make sure your children get super nutrition. Cavities are demineralized teeth. Pump these little one full of good foods, minerals etc.

  3. DO not do this!

  4. Nooooo please no fluoride. Please!!

  5. Your dentist is nothing but a salesman for Big Pharma. You don't need fluoride treatments. Change dentists immediately.

  6. I don't know how to say no…they brush it on my LOs teeth and this week prescribed a fluoride toothpaste to my oldest who may have to have 4root canals due to trauma and I don't even know what to do about that. Heard there are other options…it's horrible I passively let them because I have thyroid issues….

  7. There isn't a way to avoid fluoride while showering unless you buy a whole house reverse osmosis system which is very expensive and I wish I could afford…

  8. Why not just ask for flouride not to be used and if that's not on find one who will? Could cost more, true.

  9. Cathy, what do you mean you don't know how to say no? Do you need to practice in a mirror?!? Also, read up on the dangers of root canals. They are responsible for a huge percentage if heart disease and also other problems.

  10. Everything is a poison it's just a matter of degree and it is nonsense to say that root canal treatments are responsible for heart disease etc

  11. flouride is known to cause cancer. not good unless there is a natual fluoride?

  12. Mari, how have you concluded that it is non-sense? Seems more like a snap judgement based on you not understanding the mechanisms at play. I could explain it, by I don't want to type that much on my little phone when I'm late for work and google can tell you better. You're an idiot for thinking you know what you don't know. Don't worry, if you open your mind, your brains won't fall out.

  13. Not a snap judgement at all, your attitude stinks!!!

  14. This is a good example of how the Internet can give new life to long-dispelled theories. Believe it or not, the misinformation about roots canals that is found on the Internet is still based on Dr. Price's century-old, discredited research. Dr. Price's research techniques were criticized at the time they were published, and by the early 1930s, a number of well-designed studies using more modern research techniques discredited his findings. In 1951, the Journal of the American Dental Association took the extraordinary step of publishing a special edition reviewing the scientific literature and shifted the standard of practice back to endodontic treatment for teeth with non-vital pulp in instances where the tooth could be saved. The JADA reviewed Dr. Price's research techniques from the 1920s and noted that they lacked many aspects of modern scientific research, including absence of proper control groups and induction of excessive doses of bacteria.

    As recently as 2013, research published in JAMA Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery, found that patients with multiple endodontic treatments had a 45 percent reduced risk of cancer.

  15. Hey, I apologize, you actually have reason for your beliefs. You just sounded so typical to me with your trite comment of "non-sense." Not that I should have assumed anything based in that or been mean. I still don't trust the ADA, and I think Price's theory makes sense, but I take back my mean comments.

  16. I do kind of tale offense to you calling it "non-sense." It is a sensible idea, even if it isn't true.

  17. I would never post anything without researching it first. I am a qualified dental nurse married to a dentist (both of us anti flouride btw). I am also anti Doctors and all meds and studying diet and nutrition. I have a fairly good idea what I am talking about…..most of the time 😉

  18. Sorry I don't agree about the sensible idea but each to his own.

  19. You don't think Price thought he was on to something? Just non-sense? Uh, okay…

  20. He might have thought he was….but so 100 people die from heart disease and 50 are found to have rc's so blame rc's. 100 people have cancer and 50 are found to have rc's etc so blame the rc's. The majority of middle aged + will have rc's so is it really feasible to blame it for everything…..Come on!!!

  21. They were not nearly that common in his day. Also, he did experiments where he put cavitated, whole, and root-canalled teeth under the skin of bunnies and the hearts enlarged greatly in the ones with the root-canalled teeth implanted.

  22. His research has been discredited time and time again, however if you choose to believe it then I respect your decision…..I don't have to agree with you though and that is what debate is all about.

  23. I'm not convinced either way, I was just sayin.'

  24. They've also "discredited" the autism-vaccine link time and time again, but I have become 100% convinces that these are lies.

  25. How exactly do you know? Are you a scientific researcher or just a reader of opinions?

  26. I have a brain and I read. That's all I'm gonna say because I don't want to hijack this thread. If you really wanna know why I think that, you can send me a pm.

  27. Signing off now but thank you for the debate. I'll try to forget that you called me an idiot… I always respond to a challenge and would hope I never resort to name calling. Good night and god bless 🙂

  28. So, when people say they have done research, I always wonder, did they go to quack watch?

  29. Thank you, I apologize. It was making an unwarranted assumption.

  30. Are you suggesting that quack watch is credible or not? Ugh, I'm scared of your answer! 🙂

  31. Ok I have a silly question about fluoride 🙂 Our local water is not artificially fluoriadated, however it has a naturally occurring level of fluoride in it (stated as 0.1mg per litre). I don't agree with adding fluoride to water supplies but is the small amount of naturally occurring fluoride likely to cause issues? (I filter my drinking water but just interested).

  32. Even natural flouride isn't healthy, but it's better than the chemical flouride that usually gets added.

  33. he's a quack dont give that poison to your baby

  34. The natural substance found in nature is called Flourine

  35. Mari Biggins- recent research has established that there are 4 newly discovered anerobic bacteria that will not respond to conventional antibios. They cause many problems with hundreds of miles of microbore channels in poorly treated teeth. The immune system can be as much as 60% occupied with just ONE root canal that stays this way. I can't give links right now but if you begin to realise the extent of this problem you will find your own info.

  36. I always like the saying, Drinking fluoride to prevent cavities is like drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

  37. Sure, since applying sunscreen is also unhealthy.

  38. Fluoride displaced the iodine molecule on receptor sites. Iodine is necessary for the thyroid to function properly. Bromide from wheat flour products does the same thing. If you are trying to heal a thyroid issue, avoid wheat and all sources of fluoride.

  39. Trevor, what is your opinion of dental implants? Any safer?

  40. They don't have the same problem of existing capillaries acting as conduits, that's sure. If the bone is rebuilt to support the implant it is better -but still suffers from the fundamental problem that it is dead material in the body. Where this is a hip joint or similar fundamental ability of course affects the balance of risk. Implants technology is growing in complexity and I would consider it in that context if you can afford the best. I have moderately long standing RC tooth that is building better bone now – but may still have to enter the fray in replacing it with an implant one day. It's not at the front so is not critical & could be lived without- for a guy! Not sure how much it [plus amalgam fillings] are pulling my adrenals down.

  41. Change dentist

  42. Yes Dee !!!

  43. RUN!!!!!!!!

  44. Fluoride binds magnesium into a brittle compound named sellaite incorporated into the bones, making them weaker. Stay away from fluoride, found in some psychiatric medicines, including Prozac, and antibiotics like Cipro. Fluoride has been associated with osteosarcoma. Also lower I Q's.

  45. I use a Fountain sink top Fluoride+ Ultra carbon filters in a double setup. Never had the output tested but it's established technology. £60 replacement cartridges every 6 months, but will stretch to a year, if low usage, in my area [UK]. I hate fluoride with a passion- and mugged Dentists are not the brightest, are they, with all the Mercury and Fl surging round the office…

  46. Most dentists (just like most doctors) push products for profits. Most don't care to learn that fluoride (or mercury fillings) are very harmful to us. If you can afford it, try to find a biological dentst instead.

  47. Dr Hal Huggins DDS., MS has a book.."its all in your head

  48. From the comments it's said that modern high copper amalgam fillings are 30X [ NB:Times & not % ] more 'vapour' toxic than earlier. That's a relief – I'm never likely to have a modern one in- that's 100% sure. Time this was exposed by an 'investigation' -or maybe that would be too embarrassing for Dentistry?

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