ISO GF and DF snacks


ISO GF and DF snacks. I have little ones and I need on the go ideas. Also if possible low in sugar. I’m up for making things in bulk and freezing also. Any ideas and recipes welcome!!

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  1. Pancake bites! Make in muffin tins, add toppings, freezes & thaws easy too!

  2. A good brand for pre-made snacks is Enjoy Life.

  3. Apples and peanut butter. So Delicious has ice cream that is amazing, Luna bars, kind bars, homemade trail mix. I have been drying apples in the oven.

  4. Enjoy Life brand is great for snacks. Not always low in sugar but nice for a treat 🙂

    “Nice cream” is a good one too. Peel and freeze bananas, put in blender with whatever flavor your feeling- cocoa powder for chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, dash of vanilla, coconut etc 🙂

  5. Carrots and celery with yogurt dip

  6. We make our own trail mix. I shop at winco which is a bulk/bin store. I buy a variety of dried fruit, nuts and seeds and let the kids make their own. We also do a lot of dried cereal that is gluten free like Panda Puffs. Kids like fruit leather. They also like banana chips. They enjoy protein bites. There are some protein powders out there that are safe for kids as well as df and gf.

  7. Cereal, veggie straws, fruit, pb and gfdf pretzels

  8. Popcorn, homemade date bars (Resembling larabars. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest), rice cakes with Pb, trail mixes (make your own with dried fruits, nuts, seeds), fruit kabobs, corn chips (gmo Free), corn tortillas rolled with Pb and banana or jelly, gf cereal, dried chic peas

  9. For you or for little ones?

  10. Some of my 3 year olds favorites are banana bread, muffins, and baked oatmeal. I try to use healthier flours like gluten free oat flour and almond flour (and only natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup) so even though it seems like she's having desserts, she's getting nutritious snacks. I haven't tried freezing them, but I bet they would do well. Recipes are at my blog below. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

  11. Banana muffins minis

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