It appears I have toxic copper levels


Hi guys. It appears I have toxic copper levels, so my hair analysis suggests anyway. Just wondering if anyone on here gets issues with their nose/sinuses? My keeps blocking up and producing secretions every one to two months. I then take a short course of steroids to clear things up but then it comes back again. Anyone else suffering with something like this…..?

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  1. Do you have a diagnosis of Wilson's disease for your Copper?

  2. You need to raise your Ceruloplasmin to make that copper usable.

  3. Please also get checked for Wilson's to save your liver, brain and kidney. It's the ATP 7B gene. You would have to have one copy from each parent. Then you go from there knowing what you're up against. The above looks like a great chart.

  4. I used to until I started using a netti pot. I know it sounds horrible. Lol BUT, ONCE I DECIDED TO GET TOUGH AND DO IT, AMAZING… When my turbinates are swollen and there is congestion and even a headache, I can gently rinse and all clears up. Must repeat but the congestion goes and if there is an infection it too is killed by repeat exposure to the salt in the flush. Saved me.

  5. Simon, as you know I have a lot to learn….BUT I do know steroid shots are bad for you. They offer a quick fix but are not good for your body. The neti pot with salt water is far safer and effective! feel better!!!

  6. Hi Simon, what was your copper level on your HTMA? Thanks

  7. If it's high in your hair could it also be low in your blood? Like maybe copper dumping?

  8. I had sinus/allergies problems about six months ago. Magnesium seems to have resolved those issue. Cleaning my nostrils with salty water was the first thing I tried and that did help a lot. Supplementing with magnesium got rid of my allergies issues. I added vitamin C later and that has seem to keep the allergies at bay.

  9. If I eat wheat I get that, but since I stopped it went

  10. Carol Norris Rice, have you had the recommended testing done ( in files). Most people don't need vitamin D or calcium. We get enough from food and sunshine. Here's a good book to read, The Calcium Lie 2.

  11. I have had similar issues with my sinuses for years. My issues are: thyroid problems can cause sinus issues, food sensitivities can cause sinus secretion as well and blocked sinus. I found out for me it is corn, any type of corn. I started writing down what I ate and what my symptoms were as well as the time frame for them to show up. Also, gluten causes the same reaction in me. Stressful situations as well as surgeries can cause your body to attack itself as autoimmunes. if you are eating a lot of one type of food, this particular food could be what is causing the sinus issues each time you eat it. The autoimmune attacks because the body see it as dangerous. Hope this helps.

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