It contains only 1/4 tsp cream of tartar


Adrenal cocktail question: It contains only 1/4 tsp cream of tartar, which is only about 125 mg of potassium—doesn’t seem like much. Any comments?

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  1. 1/4 tsp cream of tartar is 745 mg potassium

  2. When I look it up, I also come up with 125mg in 1/4 tsp

  3. Dont forget potassium rich foods too.

    Sweet potato, avocado, bananas and leafy green veg.

    Just had my steamed organic greens

  4. You take it twice a day.

  5. Molasses black strap has 700+ mg too

  6. Cheri Harkness, I just looked it up on nutrition data where it says 495 mg potassium in 1t, so that would be almost 125 in one fourth teaspoon cream of tartar.

  7. I have a question about it also I made mine with fresh organic oranges and it made enough for 4 cocktails can we add the salt and tartar to it and put it in the fridge to drink later as long as it is shook up good? Cheri Harkness

  8. Jodie King-Holbert –I don't see why not!

  9. Thanks folks, but I'm thinking I want to try some really "potent" stuff. I am having muscle cramps—ones that stay cramped…One in my back has been there for over a year. Now there's one starting in my glute. Sheesh. Also, 250 mg is piddly poop! LOL….



  10. Vicki, have you had a basic blood panel to check if your potassium is low? It should be at least 4.0, better at 4.4. Muscles that stay cramped indicate you need Magnesium. I would make the MoM (Mag Bicarbonate) water and drink it slowly through the day. Best also to get the requested Magnesium RBC test to know your Magnesium status. It has to be Red Blood Cell, serum is not good enough, we need to know the Maggie is getting INTO the cells.

    *******Topical application of Mag-a-Hol will help those muscles stop cramping almost immediately.

  11. Blackstrap molasses has 293 mg of potassium per tbls

  12. Wait just a second! Im taking a "high potency" potassium supplement, but it only has 99mg of potassium. So you're telling me 1/4tsp cream of tartar equals over 7x the amount i am getting. Is it really safe to get that much potassium, and why on earth would mine only contain 99mg?

  13. Rebecca Armstrong —you need about 4700 mg a day. However, much of it can be gotten through food.

  14. I just read that its potassium chelate, if that matters. I sometimes eat bananas (and love them) but i have an intolerance to them, so i get sick each time. Guess i will try to go with other sources. My nutrition sucks…thats majority of my problem right now :/

  15. Lisa Parker Thank you so much. However I have implemented a few of those suggestions already and a few are in the works! And I did rub mag-a-hol on the problem areas —Zip-Nada-Zilch –no improvement. I even had a professional massage, where she massaged my entire body with mag-a-hol. So someone mentioned that Potassium may need to be upped so until I get all my bloodwork (Nov 3rd is my appointment) I'm just going to try whatever I can! I have not done the MOM water as I need to order magnesium oxide online as I can't find the pure MoM anywhere here in Ohio. Very appreciative – thank you!

  16. Rebecca Armstrong…LOL 125 mg is not 7X the amount of 99mg! They're still only a fraction of the 4700 though!

  17. Cheri Harkness said 1/4 tsp was equivalent to 745mg of potassium…

  18. Oh i see, you said its only 125mg…

  19. Oh, I see where you got that number! No, it's 125 mg.

  20. Hmmm…so even the adrenal cocktail doesn't give much. Well if we are deficient, how on earth do we get enough of it

  21. Eva Gibbs-Smith, see im still confused….id have to eat like 8 bananas to get the daily amount! I dont think i even eat that much total food in 1 day….

  22. Also, you want to GENTLY get your potassium up. That's why the Adrenal Cocktail is such a lovely way to do it.

  23. 4 oz of tart cherry juice has around 200 mg of potassium and 2 tbsp of most tart cherry juice concentrate has 212 mgs of potassium. I found one called CherryWorks that has 370 mgs of potassium in 2 tbsp. I use it on my adrenal cocktail. For variety in adrenal cocktail I use this potassium sources: coconut water, blackstrap molasses, cream of tartar, tart cherry juice.

  24. Don't forget that the orange juice has potassium in it too. About 332 mg per 6 ounces of OJ.

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