It finally makes sense why I’m not losing weight.


Hi there, Newly diagnosed with Hashimoto.
Picked up by chance on a blood test for an online meal planner program told me to ask for certain things to be tested.
Anyway I’m almost 30, exercise at the gym doing high intensity training 4 days a week and chasing two toddlers 7 days a week.
It finally makes sense why I’m not losing weight. (I’m 100kg/200lbs +) My question is, I’m day 4 into meds, will they kick in and help me lose weight? Saw the endo today and when I asked for an appetite suppressant she said that normal people request thyroid meds to help them lose weight? Anyway I’m two weeks into AIP diet, I’m curious how will I know what foods I react to if I want to eat them again? What symptoms do you guys get from what food?
Is there a way to stop or reverse this Hashimotos by being in a strict diet?
My blood tests were
thyroid – 12.3
Antibodies – 957
T3 – 13.3
T4 – 4.5
Can someone explain those figures to me please? Endo said there’s only one medication available but I thought there was ndt available? Thank you. So much to learn

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  1. Welcome to the group! The thyroid medication is prescribed to replace the hormones your thyroid gland can no longer make and that should relieve the hypothyroid symptoms, but weight loss is not guaranteed, unfortunately. It takes about 4 – 6 weeks for the meds to build up in your system and they will test after about 6 weeks to see if you need to increase. Your TSH is high at 12.3 so you may need a few increases to get that into range. The elevated antibodies confirm that you have Hashimoto's/autoimmune thyroiditis. Are the T3 and T4 tests "total" or "free" results? Some people get some symptom relief from following a certain diet, but there is no substitute for thyroid hormones if you need them and no way to stop the disease from progressing. It's a chronic autoimmune disease. Standard treatment is levothyroxine (T4) but some people do not convert T4 to T3 very well and may need to add synthetic T3 to the T4 or switch to natural desiccated thyroid meds which contain both T3 and T4.

  2. I have Hashi's and started on .50 Levo about 8 weeks ago. I have more energy but still have lots of other symptoms (sweats, joints, hard to swallow). Weight was a problem for me too. Gained 30 last year. I have always been no gluten, low carb but, 2 weeks ago, I went Keto. Down 8 pounds.

  3. I’m not very good unless My TSH is 1 or lower. But it takes time for the meds to work! It took me maaany months. But its very different depending on people how everything goes. I didn’t feel like myself until I started training 4-5x a week and eat as clean as possible. Vitamin D and B 12 is very important for me also. And I started off with Levaxin but didn’t feel great so my doctor changed me to Euthyrox. Many people need other kind of meds but this was enough! I sleep about 8 hours every night and I focus a lot on my mental health and not get to stressed in my life.

    But this varies from person to person. but at some level I was finished mentally and physically, I had numbers that were off the roooof. Now Í feel like I’m back to normal. Never been as strong!

    Good luck and send me á message if you ever want to

  4. Hi there and welcome to the group! I got diagnosed last October/November and I started on NP Thyroid back then. I am currently taking 270mg, but I suspect my endo will increase it to 300 on my next appt (we're still on the quest for my "ideal dosage"). Anyway, long story short, I originally started on 60mg but I didn't feel a difference until he increased it to 120mg. That's when I noticed my fatigue and brain fog started to dissipate. After the new year I changed my eating habits – cut out gluten, dairy, and processed/refined foods completely, dramatically reduced my sugar intake, and upped my fresh veg and fruit intake. I make a lot of veggie smoothies now and really watch what I eat. It will be 2 weeks on Tuesday, and so far I have lost 9.5 lbs. I am sure that you, with your exercise regimen, will do wonderfully. Just be patient and let the meds kick in… it takes a while for your body to stabilize, but once it does, you will see a difference.

  5. Just a reminder that having Hashimoto's does not necessarily mean you are hypothyroid. It is a common result of having Hashi's, but not guaranteed.

  6. When my levels are out of whack I pack on the lbs no matter what I do, when my levels are under control the weight gain stops but it remains incredibly difficult to loose weight. I started Paleo/AIP a few weeks ago and am actually loosing weight pretty easily. Tons of people on this page have found success with Keto/AIP/whole 30/Paleo, but since I just started I can't give a personal long term account yet.

  7. I don't think thyroid meds for hypothyroid really help anyone to lose weight. However, they might make you feel better, so that you want to do more. I wasn't able to lose weight until I became a vegan, then lost over 60 lbs without trying. Also, before I became a vegan, I was pre-diabetic (high A1C), and had elevated liver enzymes. All in a normal range now. Not advocating for anyone to change–everyone is different, but just sharing what worked for me.

  8. The only thing that's helped me was switching to a Keto diet alongside my exercise regimen… but I have PCOS, as well.

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