it makes me incredibly ill every time


Question – As an ER nurse, and having a son who has been gf for 11 years, I put myself on a gf diet one year ago. Now my Dr wants me to eat gluten to take the test – but it makes me incredibly ill every time I come with gluten….

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  1. I wouldn’t.. I’m highly sensitive

  2. I’d tell the Doctor to take the medical board tests again. He/she makes no sense! If you feel good and are healthy, that is what is important!

  3. I would ask yo have genetics testing done

  4. You can test and it can be negative. In today’s medicine it doesn’t mean you don’t have a diagnosis or issue. Just stay free. Not worth it.

  5. That is standard practice before the blood test.

  6. It would kill me to eat gluten just get a test…I would not be able to work..literally. I wouldn’t have enough sick time. And my emotions would be a all over the place. Emo. Too many things to list. I would be in er. There’s no way I could go back just get an official dx.

  7. I refused to go back to eating gluten. I had all the genetic markers. I dont understand why drs want you to become violently ill just for a confirmation. Apparently this dr doesnt react to gluten. If you feel better on a gf diet, then so be it.

  8. I’m in the same boat. I just can’t see making myself sick just for a damm diagnose. The blood work was enough for me

  9. Go tell the Dr to eat a little rat poison while you are eating gluten. It is a poison to you just like the rat poison is to him. Then get a new Dr

  10. I would be afraid to go back to gluten. Would a diagnosis, either way, change anything you are already doing?

  11. They are wanting my daughter to do the same. They said to do it over Christmas break so she doesn’t miss school. I can’t imagine making her ill for a test. She is type 1 also. No thanks.

  12. It does make sense, unfortunately. Because to have an accurate test you have to have gluten in your system. I’ve been gluten free for a while now, and if I were to take the test the results would come back differently now. That’s why before I had the scope done she told me not to eliminate wheat, because the test could not come back accurate.

  13. Yeah take the genetic test first

  14. Did genetic testing years ago. Just not doing the autoimmune testing with a gluten challenge. Not worth it

  15. I just went through this dilemma. After one day of gluten, I said forget it. She ordered the genetic celiac’s test for me instead. We are starting with that and then will see if it warrants the gluten challenge.

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