Itchy eyes so bad, you want to rip them out?


Anyone have dry, itchy eyes so bad you want to rip them out?! I’ve tried 3 different eye drops, 1 OTC and 2 scripts. Nothing works! They’ve been like this for a few years now. One script was helping, but not for months.

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  1. Yes! I've used Refresh PM eye ointment and Refresh gel drops.

  2. Do you have sjogrens? It can cause dry eyes that feel gritty. I wear contacts and as soon as fall hits my eyes get very dry and I can't wear contacts all day anymore.

  3. Systain gel.

  4. Systane balance lubricant eye drops (restorative formula). This is what the ophthamologist recommended.

  5. PROSE lenses. I'm starting the fitting process on Wednesday.

  6. Cauterize tear ducts helped too.

  7. I would ask your doctor about Sjogren's as Diane Walline suggested…….I have both secondary Raynaud's and Sjogrens and I believe they go hand in hand with auto-immune diseases

  8. I use Thera tears it works pretty good. I also take meds but when I'm in a flare not so much

  9. thank you tami. i have to see what we have here in canada. 🙂

  10. thank you diane! i just read the article. i do have dry mouth and always thought it was the ativan, but i'm only on .25 mg in the a.m. and .25 every other night. this is the week i wean down more. i'm seeing my gp on thurs. so will add this to the long list i have now. i have an elderly neighbor who has this too.

  11. thank you ruth! i think we have systane here.

  12. thank you debra. i'm using tears naturale II by alcon now, but will look into the systane drops.

  13. thank you, lisa, but i can't wear any lenses. at least not yet.

  14. i hope the cauterizing is a last resort, lisa. creeps me out. lol

  15. thank you trudy. going to see her this thurs. to talk about a lot of stuff.

  16. thank you tracy. will check out thera tears too along with systane.

  17. i just printed off a $2 coupon for systane eye drops. we have them at our pharmacy. 🙂

  18. I can help with sjogrens

  19. Thank you Denise! I don't have sjogrens. At least, not diagnosed with it. 🙂

  20. I don't have sjogrens (checked for) but have many allergies that are multiplying. My biggest offender of my eyes (besides pollens) is the use of salt. Yeah. Have spent the last 3 years in diet change, so many things that can flavor things without salt!!! BUT you have to break bad habits and create new ones. AND READ INGREDIENTS! At night I use neosporin or bacitracin on my eye lids..keeps the eyes moist, humidifier important, use the solutions listed above, know that many medications dry the skin, so drink lots of water. I have had eye tests and lab work done..tried the RX medication..besides expensive, did not do anything for DRY EYE. OTC and constant use is my thing. Be specific for wetting solutions. My 1 year of contacts was horrible. In 2007, I had lasik eye surgery for vision, and no problems except dry eye.

  21. I haven't been checked for Sjogren's, but talking to a naturopath this morning about dry eyes and mouth. I've using my 3rd different eye drops, but not helping at all. So frustrating! I drink lots of water everyday too. I don't use much salt either, but I know the body does need *some* so I don't avoid it completely. I was tested for just about everything allergy-wise and came up negative. My eye dr. tells me do not use anything on my eyelids, but don't know exactly why except he doesn't want anything else in my eyes except drops, no makeup, no face cream, nothing. He said only a little bit of Vaseline on my face after a shower. I can't wait to talk to the naturopath today!

  22. I have Sjogrens, VERY VERY DRY EYES. I have tried every eye drop there is, I've tried plugs, Restasis, nothing seems to help. Sometimes, I would just like to take them out and rinse them off. They get so dry.

  23. I'm so sorry Willene! I'm the same way! All of the eyeball, but the corners are the worst. I want to rip them out right now. I'm seeing a naturopath so hoping she can resolve some of this. Also talking to my GP on Dec. 1st to ask for a test for Sjogren's. xo

  24. This may seem like a weird question, but what does your water intake amount look like on a daily basis?

  25. Not weird, Kim. I drink about 60 0z. or more a day. I think more because I actually kept track yesterday, but I drank more than I wrote down. 🙂

  26. Yes it could be sjogrens..

  27. Thank you Theresa. What are your symptoms? I have an appt. to ask my GP for the test.

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