it’s a standard procedure taking it as a prevention?


I need some solid advice, please. I’m going to have a surgery next month and the Dr want me to take antibiotic after the procedure. Not so fond of this idea since I didn’t take antibiotics in 20 years. I guess here in the States it’s a standard procedure taking it as a prevention? ! Anyways…. I need to buy a good quality pro or prebiotic to counter the damage done by antibiotics. Another question regarding the preparation for the surgery and the recovery. I’m taking magnesium taurate, vit c, will take bee pollen and boron. What else do I need to look for? I’ll be giving the IV sedation ( anesthesia ) if that’s a valuable info. Thankful for any feedback.

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  1. Be careful with whatever supplements you are taking. I had to have hernia surgery in January, & had to stop taking magnesium, etc. approx. one week prior to surgery. Check with your surgeon.

  2. I say try to get your vitamins naturally by eating fresh fruits and veggies, limit your sugar intake, & get plenty of rest prior to your surgery. That will help you prep for it & recover faster. Good luck!

  3. Anyone can advise me about pre-probiotics?

  4. Try to eat as lactofermented foods with every meal in addition to a probiotic. That should help widen the range of good flora you are putting in to combat the die off. See Nourishing Traditions cook book for lots of recipes and instructions. It's way easier that I thought it would be.

  5. I had to go on the strongest antibiotics last year when I had double aspirational pneumonia. I drank Kombucha. I guzzled it. Next time I have to take antibiotics I'll buy a few cases first!! Avoid drinking it / taking probiotics for 2 hours after taking your pills – space it in between your meds.

  6. Jarrow has the most affordable probiotic I've encountered in my limited experience, I don't know if it's the best though. Finding out is still on the todo list.

  7. Dorota how about Doterra oregano essential oil as well as Doterra malaleuca essential oil? Both are very strong antibiotics & oregano is possibly the strongest antibiotic on the earth…

  8. hyperbiotics are the only ones we will use these days…tried so many others without any benefits…these actually stay in your system..

  9. I have found that Franks Saurkraut, four ounces on rising for seven days worked better in restoring my gut flora than expensive probiotics. Raw garlic is also an alternative. I am on week three of use. Take it at night cut up fine mix it in your evening meal. At first you might want to take it one day and not the next. I do not take it daily but am working up to it.

  10. That's Franks Saurkraut Juice…sold in the juice isle at most stores comes in a can with a beige label.

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