it’s connection to my heart symptoms?


I will be meeting with a cardiologist sometime next week for examination and testing for my heart palps/irregular heart beat/fast pulse. Is there any suggested literature I can take with me to present to the Dr about mag and it’s connection to my heart symptoms? I’m trying to be as prepared as I can so I can get as much into and out of the appointment as possible, as our insurance doesn’t cover this :/ Any other recommendations for questions to ask, info to take with me etc? Thank you so much, your time and advice is very much appreciated by my family and myself

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  1. i write all my stuff in an email & send it to myself then print it & give it to them. dr said it was very helpful. or just write down notes on paper.

  2. Those symptoms suggest both low Mg and food sensitivities.
    Good luck to you…….. and why won't your insurace cover the cost of seeing a cardiologist?

  3. I am in the same situation with my heart.

  4. MJ, am going through same challenge, and i can't lay a hand on any of the recomm. Mag, So sad.

  5. Getting the co.factors is easy. But when ever i send 4 those mag, they end up sending mag.trisilicate dried gel Vivian Shewa

  6. Theres a lot of supplement a doctor dont know. But cardiologist will def know about magnesium. Trust me. I am a pharmacist and even they drill us in the use of mag and irregular heart beat. The cardiologist can tell u precisely even if the magnesium is causing arrhythmia bc it can, even tho its used to treat arrhythmia

  7. I have similar problem. Fast heart beat. I started to take unsulphur black strap molasses and it helps me. N also been drinking rooibos tea.

  8. A cardiologist is who suggested low mag to me and started me on this journey. However, it was after four years of other meds and many, many, many tests. Low mag should have been the first response…less invasive, less expense.

  9. I have tachycardia and my cardio was useless
    Mag but more importantly potassium fixes my tachycardia

    I have to avoid foods I am sensitive too also
    My hr will skyrocket if I eat something I shouldnt

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