It’s very frustrating having “celiac brain”


Does anyone have any tips for studying and actually making the information stick?! It seems like I’ve been having a hard time in school. It’s very frustrating having “celiac brain”.

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  1. You need iron and b-vitamins. Anemia is common in celiacs, and it will make verbal memory, particularly, difficult.

  2. B12 is difficult for Celiacs to absorb through oral form. I highly recommend getting the injections. It makes a world of difference!

  3. The best study trick I have is either making up a song with the info or some kind of poem/rhyme you can repeat in your head over and over. Use visual images to help remember facts. I’m finishing my Masters in 2 months and this has helped me. Good luck.

  4. Try MCT OIL OR coconut oil in your coffee first thing in the morning!

  5. I take 2tbsp of braggs acv in 8oz of water theb chase with abother bottle of water. It takes about an hour but it clears out my head and it works until i eat again

  6. I appreciate all of you guys!

  7. I do flashcards, self quizzes, rewrite notes, have someone else question me from my notes, and apply the info to everyday life so I have to use it.

  8. Junior nursing major here! ??Writing class notes, acronyms and flashcards. Each of my flashcards has 2 terms/things to know to make them go further.

    For a while I used quizlet, but I was just not remembering it like I would with writing it out again.


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