I’ve been brushing with mom for the last month


So I’ve been brushing with mom for the last month. My teeth are whiter and the decay on the front of my tooth is looking better. BUT… All my bottom molar now have enamel damage by the gums. It was there somewhat before in discoloration but the enamel is now gone on spots.
Two things. Is it the mom (brand appropriate one no bleach)? Or could it be doterra theives oil I added a few drops in to kill my breath?

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  1. I started borax yesterday and take mag water with cofactors. Should I up my boron? Should I up my mag? How about iodine

  2. Not a good idea to use essential oils in your mouth.

  3. Brush your tongue to change your breath.

  4. you only need 1 drop of OnGuard oil diluted in your toothpaste. not straight. I use it and haven't had any negative effects. I have not brushed with mom though.

  5. MJ do you think the enamel can heal or will I need to fill all these dam holes

  6. Is there anything I can do to help it

  7. Enamel doesn't regenerate though.

  8. EO shouldn't be used in the mouth even if formulated that way. They really should be used "as needed" for very specific purposes. Chipping off enamel is very serious and consider reporting this "side effect" to the manufacturer and FDA so they can keep track ? You might need veneers and some serious dental restoration eventually, I'd check with your dentist and maybe get it bonded right away.

  9. Doterra makes a toothpaste w onguard in it. May try that?

  10. Speaking of essential oils. Is oil of oregano considered an essential oil? I never think of it as EO, but I Ocassionally brush my teeth with it

  11. Would Vitamin K2 help?

  12. Brushing with Mg Oil helps restore dentine, slowly. But use only if you have no mercury amalgam.

  13. Could it be that you are scrubbing too hard? That sounds like classic wear from a "scrubber" (if u know what I mean) hold a toothbrush like a flute and gentle circle movement towards the gums. Hope this helps

  14. This has been a HUGE change in a single month.

  15. I have had horrible teeth as it is. And having 4 kids close took its toll. But just in the last month this has gone from not so hot to loss of enamel.

    I had all my molars filled with metal as a child and had then unprofessionally removed as a teen and filled with white fillings. This was a good 15 years ago.
    My mouth is falling apart sadly.

  16. Angela Knowles Griffiths

  17. NO more debates about oils. I know what I belive on those. I want to hear input on why my teeth dissolved in a month. I also posted this in the comments areas

  18. Did this happen just sense you started using mom?

  19. theives is by Young Living.

  20. Could it be that the damage was already there, at the gum line, but your gums have receded slightly, exposing the damage? I read (I think in this group) that someone was have issues with receding gums after using MOM for toothpaste. But, if I recall, their MOM had additives.

  21. Is it gum recession? If you just have damage at the gums, esp if it was there before, you may be brushing too hard. I have the same issue, but it has happened throughout my mouth. Personally, I'd check with your dentist. I think grinding your teeth can contribute to recession as well.

  22. It could be gum recession. Sigh!
    I have been doing so good for a while at holding the cavities at bay. I brush twice daily, try not to brush too hard.
    I was given strong antibotics as a child many times. It no doubt with the sugar I ate as a child has taken its toll.
    Do you think leaky gut or candida play any roll on teeth?

  23. What is mom?

  24. Milk of magnesia

  25. I just read a very bad article posted on FB about Young Living. It basically said they are using synthetic, if I can share it to a private message I will try and you can make your own deduction. It was sad to read when they sell themselves as the best:(

  26. Overall diet. There is some who believe diet, nutrition build healthy teeth. You don't mention medications, but they can also play into it. I doubt milk of magnesium is cultprit, but I would consider stop using any product, and go simple with just coconut oil, maybe baking soda too, for a while. Do you do oil pulling? Consider it, as you seek a forward healing path for your mouth! Hugs!

  27. Oil pulling first thing in the morning helps eliminate bacteria and cleans up breath

  28. Thank you guys. I'm going to up my magnesium and stop all mom and oil Ive been using and try just coconut oil for a while.

  29. I agree with the gums receding and exposing damage already done. Mom is anti inflammatory and one month is too fast for the bone to be degenerating unless you have an auto immune disease. The best way to know is when you see your dentist, ask him how deep the pockets were on your last visit and compare to present. And if it looks improved, then it wasn't the mom or essential oil doing damage, it was basically enamel worn off before and the gum line was hiding it. When the gums calmed down, it exposed the enamel.

    Could this also be the ROOT of your tooth being exposed that you are seeing? The root has no enamel .

  30. It could def be the root

  31. I've had the same issues on back molars. It happened rapidly when I was nursing my 3rd child born in 4 years. I lost one of the molars due to a dentist accidentally exposing the nerve while putting in a filling on the side of the tooth, so if the decay progresses and you have pain, be careful to choose options carefully. I wish I had left the temporary filling in place until I needed to permanently do something else instead of just automatically getting it filled. It was an expensive and sad loss. I'm hoping now to reverse the course my teeth have been on for my entire career as a mom with mag , co-factors, etc!

  32. It sounds like gum recession to me. I have some on my back molars that I'm hoping clears up after I have this baby and start rebuilding some minerals (although I'm already on a lot). Anyway. Our doc says it's often from clenching and grinding that the gums recede. It makes sense in my mouth based on the teeth that show wear and how those gums are the ones receding. I'm also considering chiro and even a mouth guard that repositions your jaw to align it and remove your subconscious desire to clench and grind. It helped my husband a lot.

  33. I agree the root has no enmel, so is it just t the very bottom, it may be jjst gum recession

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