I’ve been doing my Epsom salts bath for a week


I’ve been doing my Epsom salts bath for a week, I’m very clean in that I shower twice a day, exfoliate etc so I’m never really grubby…i notice after each Epsom bath the water is slightly coloured…is this me detoxing?

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  1. Really? I was wondering about that, too…..the water turns a strange grayish color….I figured i was just dirty ….lol.

  2. So Epsom salts really does pull toxins out of the body? Sorry to sound stupid, I'm new here"!

  3. What's a good Epsom salts to buy

  4. How much of Epsom salt.do I have to use soap?

  5. i never noticed….so do you get this with one cup ??? i will try and watch my water…i should think mine would not be clear…

  6. I use 2 cups in my bath…I've been looking at colour charts online but they are for ionic foot baths, would the colours indicate the same for an Epsom bath?

  7. I sometimes ozonate the water as well which seems to make it more blue….

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  9. I get dirty/cloudy water from chloride, not Epsom salts. Weird. My flakes are white, no Safe Step so idk.

  10. My bath turns a bit grayish also. I had never really noticed until someone said something!

  11. Holli VanSteenis…maybe were aliens! Lol just kidding

  12. I wonder if it's from something in the water??

  13. There is always a nasty brown film on my tub when I drain my tub after an Epsom salt bath. It almost looks like morgellons fibers…. Yuck!! When I do mag chloride baths…. No residue…. But some side effects the next day from absorbing to much mag.

  14. I read ascorbic acid neutralizes the chlorine in the water, so you might want to look into adding that to your bath.

  15. What do you guy think of the foot bath ionizer thing? It brings some crazy colored stuff out of my body but I recently read an article that there was no proof it was effective. Thanks!

  16. The foot ionizer has been shown to discolor the water without having been used by a person. The question is, does that mean it doesn't work? Many people have used them and felt the effects of detoxification afterwards. I think it's one of those therapies that you have to ignore the so called research and simply try for yourself. Too often people cast aside all kinds of treatments, including energetic, that are really beneficial and no one can really explain why. Just my two cents on that.

  17. That makes sense. Thanks, Holli 🙂

  18. Magnesium is grey in colour. It is probably just the salt reacting with the water.

  19. I've also noticed my hair is improving, I usually stick my head under the water with just my nose and mouth exposed…I've been rinsing off my hair and body in the shower and not using my normal 'chemical' laden shampoo and conditioner…my hair is clean, fuller, shiny and not falling out at the alarming rate it was before I started 🙂

  20. I'm wondering; 2 baths a day? Is that good for you? Maybe if you don't use soap

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