I’ve been drinking the adrenal cocktail.


I’ve been drinking the adrenal cocktail. My dietician friend noticed and was worried about how much salt I’m ingesting. Is there a books/clinical papers that debunk the myth that sea salt is awful for you? She wants me to stop taking the adrenal cocktail.

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  1. Celtic or Himalayan the best. Just get your potassium levels checked.

  2. Too many dieticians are allopathically trained and are biased.

  3. Awesome video, Terri.

  4. I so enjoy all of Barbara O'Neill presentations. I would love to go to that clinic.

  5. Can someone please list the recipe for the adrenal cocktails?

  6. You can probably forget trying to convince her. People like that who have been to college for her kind of training are pretty much set in their ways it seems. Even though they continuously fail to heal disease. I was at the pharmacy the other day trying to buy some cod liver oil. Encountered a young man I grew up with, he asked why I wanted CLO? I told him, and he handed me a bottle of V-D, I said no thanks its dangerous. He looked at me with disgust and informed me he had been to college and that I should trust that he knew what he was talking about. He said Im a pharmacist now. Said I know more about this than you do. Lol. Oh my my my. He said all the ingredients in those bottles had been properly evaluated and there is no way they can hurt you. I just walked off.

  7. So, Will Willard, what kind of CLO did you end up with? I need to try this..

  8. They didn't even carry it. Im going to get the one they suggested on this page.

  9. This is a great book about the importance of unrefined salt to health http://www.drbrownstein.com/Salt-Your-Way-to-Health-p/salt.htm

  10. I prefer to drink lemon water through the day and eat fresh citrus. That with eating early in the day has been keystone for me. I can't take the sugar in orange juice per say.

  11. Get a new dietician. This person is clearly stuck in an allopathic mentality. I'd suggest an NTP or some other functional nutritionist who is trained in holistic thinking.

  12. himalayan salt has other minerals too. It's supposed to be very good. If you normally have high bp you should be careful. Always check your bp. More than every 3 mo especially starting something new. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

  13. I would not.listen to a.dietician or nutritionist….they are schooled by FDA guidelines. Eat your salt…It's good for you.

  14. Most stores with pharmacies these days also have blood pressure machines. They may not be as highly accurate as at your doc's, but at least they are better than not knowing over a length of time.

  15. There are actually good nutritionists out there. If you can find one with a chiropractor's office or a holistic practice they are probably better.

  16. I have a nutritionist – he suggested I take the adrenal cocktail. My friend, who I've been friends with for 15 years, is a dietitian. She's just concerned about me – I would like her to try to think outside of the box. I'm going to buy a blood pressure sleeve. I'm hoping my BP increases slightly as it's quite low but not too much.

  17. I would have to double check these stats…But I think I remember reading that only about 3-5% of hypertensive people benefitted by reducing salt intake and even then it was only by a few points. Hardly worth the risk of reducing your body's ability to make stomach acid. Na is one of our MACRO nutrients! We evolved out of the ocean. Think about it…

  18. Heather Schroeder Zwicker – her friend is a dietician, not a nutritionist.

  19. An interesting note: 'salary' originated from the fact that people were initially paid wages in salt because it was essential to life. Primitive people lived close to salt beds.

  20. Chris Kresser wrote a series of articles on salt. Great read!


  21. Maybe they want us to think salt is bad because they want us sick and on medications

  22. I cook without salt & then we add sea salt at the table. I think the big worry is the hidden salt in our foods. Processed food is so salty!!! Now that we cook salt free my kids really notice the extra salt in fast food etc.

    The main thing is, not all salt is created equal. The amount you are getting in the cocktail is still probably much less than some single meals at a fast food place & of course the salt you are ingesting is of a completely different quality.

    I actually started getting muscle spasms at one point bc I wasn't getting enough salt. I made sure to add some to me food each day & it's all good now.

  23. I have been taking Sole water (which is a brine made of pink Himalayan salt)for a year along with magnesium bisglycinate and my blood pressure has gone down a lot! The good salt is known to REGULATE blood pressure.

  24. In response to someone's question about black salt : it's merely salt with charcoal, you won't be getting additional mineral support

  25. Sofia H Wilt…Himalayan Black salt or Kala Namak is a naturally occurring salt … not "merely salt with charcoal"…

  26. My blood pressure is going down. Just saying.

  27. Good luck. I've been trying to get my in-laws to use sea salt, but they proudly say, we never use salt!

  28. The Hawaiian version of black salt, the one she was referring to I believe is covered in charcoal. I live in Hawaii and was all excited about it until I found it it's merely colored with charcoal

  29. Is it possible the charcoal could be alkaline minerals as well?

  30. Himalayan Salt does not affect BP and has 84 minerals. I haven't done the cocktail yet but use it in my water and on my food.

  31. How about voting with your feet (and cash)?

  32. I have a problem with the adrenal cocktail-It caused my stomach to bloat up very uncomfortably w/in 30 mins & I'm miserable with gas the rest of the night getting little sleep. Why? I use either OJ or grapefruit juice, cr of tartar, with Celtic sea salt usually but have tried the pink Himalayan also with same results.

  33. Recipe for the adrenal cocktail?

  34. Trudy Harlow – the link to the recipe is above in this thread. But, here it is again, just for you.

  35. MJ what about the link for the optional for people who should not drink orange juice? The link does not seem to be working.

  36. The main problem with any salt is if your potassium is too low. These minerals need to be balanced with each other for optimal health.

  37. Dieticians, nurses Doctors will tell you to lay low on salt. You're here, that's why you know better. Sea salt is not the same as table salt that Allopathic med is talking about. Stay with your AC.

  38. I am wondering if the dietitian is aware of how, if you are in true adrenal dysfunction, your aldosterone hormone is not in the normal range. This affects your blood pressure control. The salt is required especially if you have been experiencing postural hypotension (you get dizzy from low blood pressure when you stand up). The salt helps you avoid the dizziness if you are experiencing blood pressure fluctuations.

  39. Edna Lorenzo has nailed it.

  40. I strictly use pink himalayan salt. To the point of buying low sodium canned goods so I can add my own good salt instead of their crap salt! It tastes great and has great minerals! Planning to add some to my magnesium oil spray I'm going to make tomorrow.

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