I’ve been having issues with my esophagus


I’ve been having issues with my esophagus for the past several months. When I eat, the food gets stuck.

When this first started, I was able to drink water and the food would slide down (albeit ever so painfully … gasping and wanting to vomit all at the same time).

But now, the water doesn’t work; instead of the food and water going partially down, the water sits on top of the food and the more I drink, the more the water builds upward until it literally is spewing out of my mouth.

It’s not only gross and embarrassing … it’s very painful as well. It feels as though I’m choking and suffocating and drowning all at the same time. Throat constricts … nasty!

I’ve had an expert in reflexology work on it and he says that the right side of my body pulls organs upward and in toward the center toward my esophagus to compensate for the way I walk (as a result of almost losing my left foot several years ago). He said the muscle memory will need to be retrained so this stops happening.

True enough, every time I see him and he works his magic (he truly has a gift), this issue goes away. But as the memory of the muscles returns, the problem also returns.

Taking supplements is really hard since the esophagus issue started. Currently, I grind all of them and mix them with local honey. It takes all day long to consume the mixture because honey is so very sweet. Taking them as a pill or capsule causes them to get stuck in the esophagus, the water builds up and everything comes out.

If anyone here has expertise with these sorts of issues, I very much welcome your input. Many thanks and God Bless!

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  1. For magnesium, I'd focus on non oral routes, both transdermal and sublingual. Try to get as many other supplements in liquid forms as possible.

  2. While it may just be muscle memory, have you been checked out by an ENT? I have a friend who has calcium build up in his throat that is causing food to get stuck. He will be having surgery to remove the build up. Alternative modalities are great once one has had a doctor or two do a full medical work up.

  3. I think you should visit your doctor quite soon. Please get this investigated. Good luck

  4. Hi Cathy …… don't have answers for you, but definitely praying for you and glad you are here! A lot of very educated and informed people!!!

  5. For 2 1/2 years I had an awful feeling of something stuck in my oesophagus. It nearly drove me insane. I can't offer any advice, but I can only imagine how awful this is for you. I do hope you are able to correct this problem eventually. Good luck ⚘

  6. Possibly Achalasia?

  7. Hi Cathy, how are you managing to eat your meals with this condition? I seriously think it's time for you to see a GP and get a referral if necessary. I am a qualified Reflexologist. Did your reflexologist work directly on your chest/throat or on the reflex points in your hands or feet? There could be a constriction caused by allergies or any number of reasons. Do you have swelling in your throat that is visible on the outside of your body? Do you clear your throat with coughing as if there is a restriction? Please get this checked by a physician. You are a naturapath yourself I understand but you may not have the answers to everything.

  8. Definitely need to see a GP and get ENT referral. Please dont delay. Its not worth it

  9. My husband dealt with this for years and the GI would 'stretch' the restriction in his esophagus…it made it a little bit bigger to where he could at least get food down…meat really was the culprit for him…he ended up with Barrett's esophagus and a tumor…request a referral to a GI…they will do an endoscope and you then will know what you are dealing with…feel better sooner…I totally understand because, as a non alcoholic stage 4 liver disease patient, I must have my esophageal varices banded quite often, to the point where I've finally said no more…it's getting harder and harder to get food down…

  10. A number of things this can be. Seeing your GP is the first step. And don't let him brush it off. How often does it happen, how bad is it, etc. Don't understate it!!

  11. Let us know what you find out, I am intrigued. Glad you will see an MD to be safe. There is a time and a place and this is it

  12. Hey Cathy. I used to work in Endoscopy. There are many things that can cause this in the esophagus including hot drinks and scar tissue and aging. You may already know this, but a Gastroenterologist can do a balloon procedure with an endoscope to permanently stretch the esophagus back open. It's very safe and effective and painless.

  13. It can be caused by big anxiety and tension. But seeing my friend dying from oesophagus cancer… sometimes you have to just go and check it out

  14. What does the surgeon who performed the operation recommend? That is where I would start.

  15. My 22 year old son has symptoms of food feeling like it gets stuck in his esophagus. He went through a ton of tests. Found out he had h pylori so went on meds to get rid of that, bad acid reflux so they did a barium swallow and that came back ok, they did ultrasounds, still nothing. Then they did a full endoscopy and scrapings. The endo showed he had a bad hiatel hernia and the Dr. said that was the culprit of his feelings of food getting "stuck' unfortunately, nissan fundiplication surgery could help but not something we want to move forward with since he is so young 🙁 Hope you get it all figured out soon.

  16. One thing I just remembered, a tsp of local raw honey after everytime you eat to coat and heal will also do wonders…

  17. Could also be enlarged thyroid. Prob should have that checked too.

  18. UPDATE 1:

    As promised, here is an update to the issue with my esophagus. Today, I had a scope done with an ENT MD. This is what he said:

    -"the most unusual esophagus I've seen in a long time; very inflammed"
    -the esophagus has "knots" in it where the muscles contract to produce the peristalsis that moves food downward; my esophagus lacks the muscles necessary to contract the peristalsis (nerve cells that trigger contraction of the esophagus have died)
    -the esophageal sphincter going into the stomach was open and remained open throughout the test (which is abnormal; usually the sphincter remains closed)
    -there is a buildup of inflammation of the mucosa in my esophagus (I believe he was referring to the esophagus and not the stomach itself)
    -he instructed me to avoid carbonated soft drinks as well as all acidic foods/beverages
    -he has referred me to a gastroenterologist for a formal diagnosis (one was not provided today; only results of the scope)

    I am unable to swallow supplements in capsule or pill form because they do not move down the esophagus. Has anyone else experienced this and/or have suggestions?

    Many thanks and God Bless!

  19. Do a little research on castor oil packs and DMSO Best wishes to you.

  20. Cathy Smith ~ has your issue been corrected?

  21. Billie Braat Ambrose – I am afraid I will be tarred and feathered if I tell the truth (which is that I'm taking the little purple pill every day). And yes – I know – so to those folks reading this, please don't chastise or tell me all the things wrong with this scenario. I know. The other truth is that it just hurts too badly when I don't take the pill. I was diagnosed with GERD and never would have thought it anything more than heartburn, but it is a painful demon … a demon I am terrified to face or fight. I don't usually pour out like this, but writing it down has helped. Thank you for touching base! 🙂

  22. Have you been scoped? When food gets "stuck

  23. I just went through this…my Dr said "sometimes it is allergy related" i have my esophagus stretch every couple years, it is amazing how much better it gets.

  24. Does that hurt Shellie?

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