I’ve been on armour 180 for so long


I have a question hope someone can help. I started seeing a new Dr. She says she has hash her self. I’ve been on armour 180 for so long, she says that is a really high dose and to be on for so long at that dose it’s causing my heart to work harder. She switched me to nature thyroid but starting me on 65 does that sound right? To go from high dose to that low? She also put me on bp meds since its been high.

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  1. My doctor is considering putting me on natures thyroid. How are you doing with that? Any issues? I am on armour now. I had noticed with armour an increased appetite.

  2. I am on Nature Throid and started Low but was switching from Levo/cytomel. Nature Throid has a high T3 than what I was on before- similar to Armour. But I think that is another low….I found this which shows the conversion/equivalents to nature-Throid and Armour. I hope it helps.


  3. Awesome thanks!

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