I’ve been suffering daily headaches for about 6 months


Hey everyone! So ive been suffering daily headaches for about 6 months now just wondering if anyone else had the same before that got confirmation of being wheat and dairy intolerant? Im waiting for my results to confirm

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  1. Are u intolerent for both hun

  2. I had a migraine every other day before I gave up gluten and now I get one or two a month related to weather or hormones. My tests came back negative. The blood test for celiac has a high false negative.

  3. Yes! I have other things going on hormonally and with my thyroid but once I ditched gluten and dairy my headaches got sooo much better

  4. Yeah ive only cut it out the last few days but everyone is slowly getting better

  5. Yes constantly

  6. Everyone is different in their needs of food / drink. I use to get non-stop headaches until I moved house and it was due to the house power box outside. As our bed head was on the other side of the power box in side. It was horrible as I was a young mother with a baby at the time.

  7. Yes. I've had severe headaches from a child. Also cluster headaches that included eye pain. But a few years ago the migraines became unbearable. After numerous blood tests and endoscopy etc being clear, I tried the alternative route. I consulted an ayurvedic doc who immediately sent me for the IMMUPRO blood test for allergies. while awaiting the results he did a 7day detox n lymph drainage massage. It was discovered that I had a leaky gut(nevr heard of that before). Thereaftr I was put onto a strict diet eliminating the allergens.Also drank Forever Living aloe juice daily. My migraines disappeared immediately. couldn't thank the doctor enough. Only wish I went this route earlier. Lost so many years suffering.

  8. I have headaches everyday along with a lot of other pains and issues, just diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome. My rheumatologist told me to go gluten-free and dairy-free with the hope that I'll have less symptoms after 3 months of that diet. It's been 1 1/2 months and still in pain all the time, I'm still holding out hope.

  9. Three months gluten free and I am totally off my medication for almost daily migraines. Waiting for results on dairy but can't wait to figure out how to feel even better!

  10. Thanks for all your comments its nice to know im heading in the right direction and hopefully headache free soon

  11. Yes! I had constant dull headache and neck/shoulder pain in the afternoon. Once I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and eliminated food items (I have been following AIP for last 18 months) all that went away. I haven't had to take any NSAID in 18 months (not even when I caught the flu) I'm guessing gluten and sugar was the biggest culprit.

  12. Wheat gives me migraines, I never got tested because I know if I eat pizza I'll get a migraine. Not worth it.

  13. Headaches daily yes, when started keeping foid log realized seemed rekated to je eating wheat, when i went gluten free after body got rid of gluten they stoped all together

  14. yes, big time

  15. Gluten-free ended my migraines

  16. 25 years of migraines until I got diagnosed and went gf and dairy free.

  17. I do & I am intolerant to both wheat & dairy

  18. Mine was a sulfite sensitivity. Hidden in tons of things like seasonings, dark sodas, things with caramel color etc.

  19. I suffered from migraines that went away after going GF

  20. My son suffered from Migraines (abdominal and head). Both have been GONE since he changed his diet.

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