I’ve been suffering from constipation


I need help. I’ve been suffering from constipation for about 6 months now following some built-up stress and visits to a homeopath who I’m convinced didn’t help anything but aggravated the situation. I’ve had numerous blood tests to check thyroid function and whatnot thinking that might be the cause. My thyroid panels came back fine, almost all numbers were optimal or very near optimal and no elevated antibodies either. I’ve NEVER had an issue with constipation until 6 months ago.
The only things my labs revealed was low ferritin-19, and low vitamin D (25-oxy, active storage). I’m wondering if low iron and vitamin D can cause constipation???
I eat VERY clean, no sugar, dairy, gluten, or anything processed. I workout 2x daily and drink enough water and I also take mag oxide.
I just started Betaine HCL w/pepsin to see if that might help if it’s a low acid problem. It’s too soon to tell though if it’s helping.
If low iron and low vitamin D can cause constipation, what are some recommended iron and vitamin D sources?

*Please don’t suggest I get a consult from Morley or any other types of blood tests as I don’t have a job atm or insurance. I’m not looking for a diagnosis, just some advice from those who have suffered similarly*

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  1. I'd listen to advice regarding your ovaries. I recently had an ultrasound and ca-125 test for ovarian cancer because I have three cysts on one ovary. No cancer! You just want to rule that out. Regarding constipation, I have dealt with it all my life and magnesium has been my savior. I was told it's not good to take magnesium oxide every day as it can irritate your colon. I'm taking Source naturals magnesium serene in the evening and it works great. It's a berry flavored powder that you mix and water. Magnesium glycinate and malate are other great sources but they have less laxative affects. Have you had your magnesium tested? Mine is low even though I have been taking magnesium for sometime… Trying to get to the bottom of that as well as other issues right now.

  2. eat broken flaxseeds

  3. Berberine really helped me when I had the same issue. Google it for information.

  4. you say no elevated antibodies, but did you have them at all and if yes how much? (TPO and TGab)

  5. Aside from my usual vitamin and mineral supplements. Yes magnesium for sure.
    Usually I need a reasonably high fiber diet truly about 2 liters of water a day. And going for a nice walk everyday has honestly and simply been so supportive. I have IBS and had my sigmoid colon removed over the summer. I was as a usual rule of thumb maybe having a bowel movement once or twice a week all my life. It is a big deal. I feel so much better now.

  6. Magnesium is Awsome for this too. So is eating stem ginger and pulysum husk with Apple Pectin.

    Quickest for me would be mag chloride in juice. I don't like castor oil side affect but that would be as fast to.
    Other have some good ideas to

  7. To add another piece to all the good stuff above, lack of potassium = constipation.

  8. Due to low D lack of Magnesium and potassium! What is your Mg RBC level? M. R. offers a Mg deficiency restore program here. You might want to go to the files…

  9. Emotional Freedon technique for 'letting go' stress source. You can learn online at EFT Tapping or other sites

  10. One thing that helped me within a few days was eating a raw carrot salad. One medium carrot cut very thin with a veggie peeler. 1 tsp of olive oil, one tsp of melted neutral tasting coconut oil, 1 tsp vinegar, salt to taste, mix and eat. I usually eat between meals as suggested.

    You can google carrot salad and find some interesting articles. Don't know if I am allowed to share links here.

    You should notice a difference in a few days if it's going to help. I was in pretty bad shape before I tried it.

  11. Try adrenal cocktail. Morley says constipation is due to low potassium. I have issues with it as well. Better with cocktail.

  12. I expect your deficiencies have causes a temporary slightly underactive thyroid

  13. I barely registered a month ago on vit d and iron myself wasnt contipated then . Now im on injection and dr prescribed iron and vit d. Ive since gotten constipated. So, not sure its that w u .?

  14. magnesium glycinate helped me with constipation after I had a bad reaction to Wellbutrin ( antidepressant ) and, among other side effects, developed constipation after being on the Wellbutrin for 10 days. I believe it raised my histamine level which in turn lead to me becoming constipated. It also worsened my nasal allergies, I developed Eczema and hives which I never had before. It took me a few months to "get it" that the Wellbutrin was my problem. I don't know what other medications can cause this reaction in certain people but I stopped taking the Wellbutrin after 4 months and am slowing digging myself out of the effects of it. I did a test through 23andme and found I have genetic issues for Histamine and also do not detoxify well…..so bad combination. Through all this i have learned I need to eat a low histamine diet in order to keep symptoms of Eczema from flaring up.

  15. How about a coffee enema?

  16. Debra Williams Dayton how do you make/do a coffee enema?

  17. Taking some Activated Charcoal may help to move things along……. Also, (and this is just a thought because I noticed when I went through this last year (having a cyst on my right ovary removed along with Endometriosis which I had No idea I had (because only by visually looking during surgery can the surgeon know if there is Endometriosis around any organs (they can't tell by justan ultrasoundtrasound)…. My entire digestive functioning got Way Way better… The bloated feeling after eating went away, and regularity improved by 200 percent.

  18. natural unprocessed apple juice. With the sediment at the bottom. I know it sounds "too easy" but after 6 days in hell my midwife said go get a gallon and drink it till you poop then thereafter 2 glasses a day down to one if you can keep things moving with one, if not go back to 2. Nothing as working for me either and i was preg with twins. I'm a trooper but that…was just hellish. good luck!

  19. Vitamin c 500mg every half hour until you have diarrhea, then back off the dosing frequency until you find your normal.

  20. Probiotics, prunes. Avoid wheat products.

  21. Iron and Bacteria!!! Go hand and hand.

  22. Did the doctor run the right thyroid panels though? For more info check out http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com Lots of great info about the tests they should run, but don't.

  23. Similar thing happened to me about 2 yrs ago (I do have Hashimotos) and no matter what I tried with ND, we couldn't fix or figure it out! A capful or so of ACV in a warm glass of water first thing in the morning fixed everything after a few days! Been back to normal for a year! (After all that time and $ spent on "remedies" 😉

  24. Just remember ferritin is needed as is iron with that thyroid, I would add in ferritin and d3, and take k2 with the d always, I take ecological ferritin and 20,000 ius of d3, and a few k2's with it, those will bring your levels up, as for constipation, I would tell you to get Oxy powder, I love that stuff, it will at least clear you out, then maybe more fiber in your diet

  25. The owner of this site doesn't recommend synthetic D.

  26. I am really done w/ Doctors- whole nuther nite mare w/ medication & surgeries!! Someone mentioned dried prunes & dried fruits could make constipation worse- anytime you eat dried anything you need to drink more water or HYDRATE before eating! -I make a warm tea w/ them! Put a hand full in a cup of hot water -let steep for 2-5 mins then drink & eat the fruit- it works fast for me! Also chia & flax seeds- soak them in warm water or add in hot oatmeal- I know ahead if I am getting blocked / back up! Horrible cramps! like anything you have to get the dose down for you! Start small Maybe only 2 prunes or 1/2 glass of prune juice (good source of Boran) or cherry (great for stomach pain, also ginger -but warm it up not hot just alittle warm- really works faster-my mom always used lemon juice & honey 1 tsp of both in her black coffeeI I don't drink coffee but she swear by it- I drink lemon & honey in hot water every morning ! Before breakfast

  27. If you choose to follow the groups guidelines you will find them here. Gotmag.org

  28. So sorry for your discomfort! We are all different and react different and that is why there are so many suggestions offered! Our elders suffer from constipation often due to lack of proper diet, movement ( as in walking etc) and dehydration . Concoctions brewed with prunes , dates are given daily , and Metamucil.
    Metamucil makes more " bulk" but if taken, one must drink lots of water.
    You might have posted it, or someone else, but have you tried taking 500 magnesium or more a day until your bowels move?

  29. Are you on a probiotic protocol?

  30. some Chia seeds and flexseeds grounded and soaked overnight help me. Also there's something about emotional letting go if that calls to you as well as physical support but I'm sure you know that if you've tried homoeopathy/energy medicine. Organic dried apricots or other and fresh apple stewed.. coconut water..

  31. I'm with Erica Swainson. I take Chia or flax each evening and as regular as you can get. It's worth a shot.

  32. I have had no trouble at all since taking magnesium. I used to have constipation problems because of thyroid cancer and on T4 only as a replacement. Now, I have to eat the BRAT diet a couple times a week to ward off going the other way! I need a certain amount of magnesium for depression and RLS.

  33. I would suggest finding the foods that make you go. Generally lentils/beans and cooked vegetables are good. Everyone is different. Sometimes not having enough fat in your diet can cause constipation. Certainly increasing the mag oxide should do it.

  34. 6 months is a long time. I can only imagine how pregnant you must look. Been there done that. I finally broke down and did the red bag anima. I did two red bag flushes, i had to lay down for 15-20 min because I was dizzy and nauseated, but after it all went away I had so much energy I cleaned the house.

  35. A lot of great ideas! I know someone mentioned Vit C, I added a whole food C a while ago and it's helped me a ton in every area! You can take a lot (to bowel tolerance which would obviously help you! Lol!) as its water soluble. Another plus, my darks spots on my face disappear when I'm good about taking it regularly! x

  36. Danielle,
    I take up to 6 tablets of magnesium daily and its helped with constipation and l feel great

  37. Yes, what are you taking, Randa?

  38. Smooth move tea. Works great for immediate relief.

  39. you've probably got problems with ceruloplasim deficiency – get on the protocol recommended on thsi page. cod liver oil, mag glycinate, wholefood C, TAURINE, bee pollen, liver.
    Stop exercising until you feel well. Try to get your adrenaline and cortisol down by meditation. Gentle walks OK. Beach time relaxing in the water OK.

  40. I don't feel my adrenals are shot or even close to adrenal fatigue so idk why I would stop except using when it makes me feel so good….

  41. So, Danielle, I'm not sure if anyone asked you this question; if you would close your eyes, and be still, breathing in at least 3 times at the rhythm your body chooses, could you, once you are turned inward; ask your body would could possible be needed to do? At least for me, doing that exercise is often very productive.
    Reading so many suggestions must be overwhelming!
    Sending you calming and healing thoughts!

  42. Have you consider that you might have parasites? eating these things up and causing bowel problems? there is a GREAT closed group" Parasites Cleanse Success Stories" on FB with a plethora of information of where to start!

  43. Hi, I empathise. I also had sudden onset of constipation about a year ago…I noticed it happened almost immediately after ingesting Wheat/Gluten, so I went off gluten and it has gone away. If I eat it again, it comes back…I don't know if your already Gluten Free but maybe you could try this if you haven't already x Good Luck xx

  44. Maybe look at the Dr. Joel Fuhrman diet or probiotic supplements

  45. Double your magnesium. Eat lots of fresh veggies for fiber. Do smoothies with spirulina and chlorella to moisten the bowels. Make sure your electrolites are up and balanced. Minerals for sure. If minerals are not in balance the water which should be IN the cells leaks out to protect the cells from nerve/electrical impulses. A great teacher once told me: "Minerals every day, all other vitamins/supplements, three weeks on, then rest the body for one week and resume. But minerals every day." Blessings and peace to you:)

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