I’ve been taking magnesium malate


Ive been taking magnesium malate, a b complex, and boron bio-citrate.

I feel better, and have noticed much improvement overall. Rather surprised after only 4 days. However, I read that a woman was taking too much b vitamins and started to show signs of dementia. Test were ran, and found she was overdosing on b vitamins.

I take the Jarrow b complex, and doesnt seem like much, but do you all take a day or two off from b complex, boron, and mag?

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  1. Can you link the article about the B vitamins and dementia? they are water soluble so I am not aware of them causing any issues.

    But for sure if you are taking a B complex formula, I think you could easily take 2 of them per day (double the recommended dosage) and still be fine.

  2. I read it in another group forum. I havnt googled it yet. Just wondering, Im only taking jarrow b complex.

  3. Just curious are any others familiar with this.

  4. I think you are fine.

  5. I gave up on magnesium after citrate. Glad I found this group and discovered the most well absorbed forms. I was always told citrate in tablet form was. It made me feel so wore out the next day.

  6. Not to mention loosy bowels. LOL

  7. There is a FB group called B6 toxicity and some swear they have nerve damage. Not sure how much they were taking and there is articles published that state this can happen but I think it's mega dosing that gets people in trouble. I'm no professional but thought I'd comment from what I have read and seen in other groups

  8. I think there's certain risks for b vitamins. But others, like b12, you end up peeing out any excess.

  9. The entire B-complex is best taken all together, at a moderate dose. When taking individual B vitamins, learn what they do, and where, if at all, their toxicity level starts, which varies quite a bit as you review the various B vitamins. B6 is used up a lot for processing protein, so athletes are often taking B6, but megadosing (vs moderate dose) on anything runs the immediate risk of system imbalance and toxicity risk. Megadose levels for B vitamins aren't likely to be anywhere near what common tablets, capsules and pills are sold at, or what is recommended on the labels. Some people are idiots and eat anything. It's up to you to know what you're eating.

  10. I've started "cycling" my b vitamins – taking them every other day, and it is working well for me. I take magnesium every day.

  11. Some people can't absorb synthetic b vitamins properly so they don't absorb so you end up deficient but they build up in the blood to toxic levels and can create problems with your ability to detox properly which can lead to things like dementia. Maybe that women with dementia had mthfr mutation. Did they test her? Methyl forms absorb better if you have that mutation.


    Why not just take Bee pollen? It a natural food source. Much better than a synthetic suppliment!

  12. Would the bee pollen be considered "methylated"…I have mthfr and take those type of B's.


    I thinks so, but I cannot be sure. Maybe MJ Hampstead could answer that?

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