I’ve got a “sore throat” question


Hello everyone! I’ve got a “sore throat” question….

Every once in a while I will develop a sore throat , but it’s not the same as a “sick” type of sore throat, also when this happens my neck will usually hurt too (in back). I was discussing this with a client of mine today who also has Hashi, and she said she does the same thing, but never thought about the two happening together until I brought it to her attention.

When I was first diagnosed j went for an uptake scan and thyroid ultrasound and there were no nodules at that time. I went to a Dr’s appointment about 2 weeks ago and told the NP my throat was bothering me and she felt it and said she felt a lump and said I needed to get an ultrasound, so I have one scheduled this coming week.

Do any of you get this too, and if so do any of you know what causes the soreness? My client felt my neck and said it felt swollen in the thyroid area (it totally freaks me out so I have never felt it myself lol).

I work in a salon and was discussing this with the owner and her client happened to be a doctor and she told me that a nodule will cause thyroid levels to increase….I’ve been really feeling some hyper symptoms so I’ve backed off of my meds a little….my chest feels like its constantly tight like anxiety….I have anxiety meds, but it doesn’t really seem to help….I will experience this almost as soon as I wake up, and I’m usually alone, so there should be no reason to feel anxious and short of breath, also its WINTER and I wake up on fire and feel like I cannot get my face to cool off (strange, I know).
My doctor seems to want to blame it on my age 40, but I really don’t feel like we’ve ever gotten my dosage right….also I do not have insurance so I have not had my levels checked in over 2 years (I knowww, that’s not good).
I started on Synthroid 100mcg, and it caused me to go hyper so she lowered me to 88mcg, and I still felt hyper (same symptoms I’m having now), so I started halving my 88s for a while to see if it would help and it did, but I feel like its up and down….at one point my Dr told me to just stop taking the Synthroid, but if my levels drop too low I will start having severe pain all over.
Sooo, can any of you relate to this, or know what’s going on? I will be getting my blood work and ultrasound and try to get back on track with this….I know I haven’t been the best patient, but its so hard when you are freaked out and cannot afford to get the proper tests. I finally went to the clinic the county has set up for people in my position just for testing purposes, and see my regular Dr monthly. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on…..thanks in advance for any input or advice

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  1. I have a sore throat fairly often as well. No one has been able to give me a straight answer about this. Best wishes to you.

  2. I have the throat/neck thing. I do have nodules. Haven’t been checked in a while….I’ve had other health issues to deal with too. \nI also have bone spurs in my neck from a sixth grade injury. So I have a lot of neck pain.

  3. I have Hashimotos and have sore throats and swollen lymph nodes quite regularly (once a week or more). It’s usually worse with stress and even minimal physical exercise. It’s very frustrating and very puzzling. I can actually make it happen on demand. It happens without fail with just 15-20 minutes walking in a treadmill or the lowest resistance on a stationary bike.

  4. I have not found a reason or a cure for it.

  5. Maybe it’s the meds? My doctor tried to put me on thyroid meds but my throat got sore & swollen. My thyroid levels are in range so the doctor agreed to stop medicating me. No more sore throats. Too high of a dose maybe??

  6. I know I’ve read that stress can cause Hashimoto’s , and I can remember being a young child and having nerve or stress issues….of course I didn’t understand what it was at the time, but as an adult I know now….I’ve always had bad stomach problems, the reflux started when my first marriage was going downhill, and thinking back I started feeling really bad after we’d evacuated for a hurricane, which is extremely stressful…. Anita Thibodeaux you’re from my area right? I know you get that part lol! \nI started having extreme pain during a period when I was in a custody battle with my ex husband and I’m not joking it was SO bad I could barely walk by the time we went to court over that, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos during that time period….I think I see a pattern lol

  7. Omg!! I thought I was crazy I have been feeling this for over a week!! As the day goes on the pain in the back of neck get worse and it feels like my throat is bruised!!

  8. Melanie Rutledge-Wylie, we really do need to meet for lunch or dinner and compare our health issues.

  9. I’ve had the sore throat problem most of my life..long before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, I would get a sore throat every 3 or 4 weeks,right around the time of my menstral cycle. Sometimes it came with an earache. Hashi is an autoimmune disease so until the meds are regulated you will probably continue getting them. Once my meds were where they should be I no longer got so many sore throats. I had all the symptoms of Hashimoto when I was a kid but I don’t think Drs. thought or knew very much about it back then I’m 66yrs old now.

  10. Have any of you ever heard of anyone with Hashi not needing to take medication?

  11. I don’t take meds Melanie.

  12. I only take supplements, vit d

  13. I’m surprised you were ever put on synthroid just for Hashimoto’s. In most cases I’ve heard of meds aren’t used to treat Hasi. I was put on synthroid to shrink the nodules I have, but it isn’t working.

  14. I’m not taking meds for my Hashimotos. I take supplements.

  15. My tsh was right at 10 when I was checked the first time, once I started the meds I got some energy back, and my pain eased up… That’s what has me scared to stop taking it

  16. I literally just had this happen this week and was just diagnosed with myothesia graves

  17. I also have hashimotos

  18. Melanie, if the meds help you then keep taking them. Your dosage made need to change but keep taking them.

  19. My throat has this soreness this if I eat sugar, I figure it is inflammation.

  20. This happens to me and I figured out it’s acid reflux. Doesn’t necessarily give me acid reflux stomach pain that day either. Often get it when I’ve over indulged the night before, usually goes away after tea and/or breakfast.

  21. I have scarring on my thyroid but also have swollen glands. This can be common with Hashis. Thyroid nodules and glands deemed to be benign from thyroid ultrasound. Don’t worry until you have ultrasound. If they are concerned they will follow up on it.

  22. Thank you all for trying to help me figure out what’s going on, I pretty much figured by the way it feels that its inflamed, I think I may try to start keeping track of foods, and \

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