I’ve got one decay tooth on the top back


Dentist told me I’ve got one decay tooth on the top back and need to have a filling but I heard fillings is bad so I don’t know what to do also every time I eat apple or grapes I can taste old horrible taste coming out from that tooth (taste like old foods or something)
And I’ve got one hole on bottom tooth so advice will be appreciated x

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  1. Google oil pulling or healing cavities naturally


    shure have it taken out if possible but if you have to keep it you must ask for alternative filling instead of classical mercury fillings. See if your dentist apply for this.

  2. Well the bad taste is bacteria and inflammation in the tooth. I would not risk not filling the tooth. There are fillings that are not bad I suppose. They don't use fillings with heavy metals anymore.

  3. Get the filling. Anyone who says otherwise is simply crazy. If you ignore it, you will end up needing a crown or root canal or losing the tooth. There is nothing wrong with modern ceramic fillings.

  4. Get ceramic fillings.

  5. The people that have healed cavities naturally had tiny, shadow, beginning decay in the uppermost layer of enamel…not an actual hole in the tooth that was very degraded. Ask questions. Find a dentist you trust and refuse any metal fillings.

  6. Is white Ceramic filling much safer??

  7. Faye Francis – do try oil pulling. My teen just reversed her cavity in less than six months by oil pulling with coconut oil. We also use Thieves toothpaste.

  8. If possible, go to a holistic dentist. There are different types of nonmercury fillings. Your dentist should test to see which would work best and the safest for your body. Sorry I do not know anything about healing your teeth, I do know one lady that went to my chiropractor who was healing her teeth the natural way and she said it was working, but that was a couple of years ago since I had seen her.

  9. If you ignore your teeth they'll go away literally. Holes in your teeth are not going to be repaired by anything except a dentist. No one uses Mercury fillings anymore. When you lose teeth everything in your mouth begins to shift. Sadly it sounds like even with dental help this tooth may not be able to be saved. I'm hoping that's not the case but hurry.

  10. Your health will be better if you get your teeth fixed. Leaving them with possibly an infection is bad for your health. You can try coconut oil pulling, but it sounds as though you should go ahead and have these taken care of soon. NO dentists use the same mercury filled metal any longer.

  11. Amalgam fillings still contain mercury Karen. Amalgam is a compound of about 50% mercury. The rest is silver, tin and copper. I would suggest a holistic dentist and white filling (holistic dentists don't use amalgam anyway). There is some evidence that very small holes in teeth can heal but it does sound if you are beyond this. Rinse your mouth with hot water with unrefined sea salt in it and be sure you don't swallow toothpaste, coconut oil or anything else you use to clean your teeth with as there's a fair bit of bacteria in your mouth that you don't want in the rest of your gut.

  12. search for the articles on how to heal cavities, it can be done!

  13. Oil pulling with RAW Organic EV Coconut Oil at least twice daily will get the impurities out. Also do AMAZING things to your teeth, joints and skin. As to filling, that's your choice. I would not get amalgam fillings though, there are safer alternatives available, choose your dentist carefully,

  14. Where I live they only do composite or porcelaim fillings.

  15. You need to get it fixed ( no amalgam) Some dentists still believe amalgam is safe … Ask for an alternative. Harboring the bacteria trapped in the decay is not good for your health , breath etc. be sure to floss at least once a day to break up the colonies of bacteria brush several times/day) so bacteria does not multiply in between your teeth. " sipping " on anything sweet all day long is awful for teeth. If you are not able to brush during the day after sweets, rinse out with water.

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