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Can anyone help? I’ve had a frozen shoulder since May, about 3-4 weeks ago developed excruciatingly severe plantar fascitis. I’ve had this in the past, never this bad. I have been slathering in some form of transdermal mag 3-4 times a day. I am not able to get oral mag up much for a range of reasons. This all seemed to start when I started implementing the protocol. My life has ground to a halt. I already had Fibromyalgia. The doctor is saying orthopedic surgeon and/or cortisone. I’m having regular chiro, myotherapy and laser therapy. Is it possible that I’m mineral imbalanced somewhere else?

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  1. Have you tried d-ribose for fibromyalgia?

  2. Is your Free T3 in the upper quarter of range? They sound just like hypo symptoms

  3. Have you had any water damage? Toxic mold should always be considered when the cause cannot be found. Also…cavitations. Mold and cavitations will undermine any treatments and need to be dealt with first.

  4. I had a frozen shoulder too and used gallium nitrate 14% solution topically to get rid of it. Took about 2 3 weeks to get 80% better

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  6. I second looking into the possibility of mold exposure. It's quite a severe blow to the system. Fibro is often mold toxicity. Also, due to the blow to my immune system since mold I'm fighting plantar fasciitis as well. Keep arch support on at all times. Do stretches, do warm Epsom soaks, take turmeric to combat inflammation. When it's really bad I take about two tbsp three times a day.

  7. Oh my, frozen shoulder is painful…my friend had it for a year. Surgery is NOT the answer and any doc who suggests it should be fired! I agree with the mold exposure…but take note that 35% hydrogen peroxide will help with mold in your home NOT bleach. Find an acupuncturist, one who is good with NAET acupuncture as they tend to be more intuitive and frozen shoulder is tricky.

  8. Been doing acupressure/acupuncture for 10 months. I was in really bad shape head to toe, severe muscle spasming, have injuries going back 31 years. Acupressure has helped tremendously. I had been on armour thyroid never touched it. Myriad of multiplying issues spun out of control. Also take mag Malate & glycinate.

  9. You say it all started right after beginning to implement the mag protocol, right? So the way I see it, it must be connected. Maybe you're missing some ingredient in the protocol / implementing things too quickly / some other bug is going on, and this is giving you problems. I think you should consult with an expert of this protocol who will help you find what you need to modify.

  10. I had frozen shoulder. Used magnesium, massage and physical therapy and for a month a lot of tramadol and normabel.Took me 2 months to function again normally.

  11. You could be dehydrated. This can cause these symptoms. But my guess is that you have some kind of Lyme Disease and or a coinfection that has not been treated. See Stephen Buhner or Bryan Rosner. For more info. When you began your protocol you likely caused a die off of some bacteria or virus which causes you to feel worse. Without knowing your protocol I can't know. Sometimes you feel worse before better for many treatments.

  12. you may want to add needless acupuncture to that.

  13. Have you considered a good kinesologist for your shoulder. They can also balance the body in a way that is hard to explain. I have fibro too and found that i felt like my body was back in balance somehow, tho didn't understand totally why, but i did know that it helped greatly

  14. For me, a strict autoimmune paleo (AIP) diet has (unintentionally) eliminated most of my similar shoulder pain and back pain – I'm thinking because it is so anti-inflammatory. Also, keeping the areas in gentle movement, like Egoscue or Feldenkrais methods, can be important and helpful.

  15. Once I treated my low thyroid, my plantar fasciitis went away

  16. Yes, it's possible to have imbalances. Joint pain is often helpwd by boron, borax water concentrate. MSM is also liked by many with pain. Read up on cofactors, include getting copious amounts of Sea salt, whole food based vitamin C, and remove antagonist such as gluten, stress, etc. Get potassium, I like coconut water as it a easy. It takes time to peel the onion and healing ends up being a long path. Healing journey. Best wishes.

  17. I have had frozen shoulder twice on my right shoulder. Tried everything to help it but basically took 2 years for both to heal.

  18. Have a look at Dr John Sarno. You may have TMS

  19. Look at your neck. Feet, neck and shoulder are all fascially connected, that's fascially not facially. You need to find a whole body rebalancer.
    I know what I'm writing about, it's all happened to me.
    Foot orthotics will help relax your feet, as will foot rolling on small balls, but you need to learn to relax your whole nervous system. Your body is out of whack. It can repair itself, mine did, but it took years to find the right therapist. I'm all good now and know how to listen to my body. I am active, play good golf and am very healthy and take no medications.

  20. Are you getting the cofactors and adrenal cocktail, too?

  21. i can tell you only regarding the feet, suddenly i started getting painful feet in the a.m. and everytime i got up from sitting…first steps unusually painful then it would subside…i did a three day colon cleanse and that pain went away…wierd but true

  22. it was with expensive herbs and required fasting the three days

  23. I just seen the following comment from someone asking about fibro from a "natural healing +foods" group " Get on a good natural progesterone and Iodoral or Lugol's. It's probably thyroid. Get moving, too. Sitting makes the stiffness worse. Get on a good natural anti-inflammatory….tumeric is cheap but I prefer LIMU because it contains fucoidan. You'd be surprised how quickly all the symptoms will go away."

  24. I had frozen shoulder 3 miserable times. I have been working hard on getting my mag up for over 2.5 years using this protocol and have not had a reoccurrence. Don't give up on the mag, that is your answer!

  25. My husband went to a good acupuncturists, she cured his frozen shoulder with one treatment and some chinese herbs. Orthopedic said it would take up to 3 yrs to heal on its own. This often can be a sign of diabetes.

  26. what is tumeric limu,whare do you buy it from is it good for pain relief.

  27. This drink is simple to make, provides an alkaline reaction in the body, and helps reduce inflammation. It's a perfect drink to add to your detox routine, especially because there are a host of health benefits that come with it!

    Anti-Inflammatory Lemon-Turmeric Tonic ~ Serves 1 ~ Prep time: 5 minutes

    1 1/2 cup water
    1/3 cup lemon juice
    1 tsp. of turmeric, or thumb-sized portion of freshly grated turmeric
    pinch of cinnamon
    1 Tbsp. coconut nectar, or maple syrup

    Pour water into a tall glass
    Add the rest of the ingredients, and stir. Drink immediately.

  28. Golden paste made with turmeric. Check thyroid as related often.

  29. Morley cured his own frozen shoulder why don't you tag him 🙂

  30. Look up Ashley Black and the fascia blaster. She talks about plantar fasciitis a lot.

  31. Christine Bennett, What kind of laser therapy? Did you just start? I cured my frozen shoulder by using a red light therapy booth. My plantar Facitis went away too.

  32. I had plantar fascitis for two years after a minor injury on an attic stair. The pain when I was walking was so noticeably bad that I had someone at my gate at the airport offer to give me his first class ticket so he wouldn't have to watch me hobble to the back of the plane. One thing that puzzled me back then is that it would have times of getting much worse, and then it would get better, but I was never out of pain. One year I had my family for Thanksgiving, and served dishes like sweet potato casserole, green beans, pear pecan pie, a bread made of bean flour, etc. and after that meal I couldn't even walk around the table without holding on. Months later I went to my first oxalate professional conference and they talked about how oxalate would bind to injured tissue, and would exacerbate inflammation. Two of us in research at that conference had chronic pain and we promised each other to go home and figure out if we had oxalate issues ourselves connected with our pain syndromes. When I got home, I began a low oxalate diet, and I kid you not, in two weeks of reduced oxalate, my old injury actually healed, and that pain has never returned and that was more than a decade ago, but before that, I had tried everything else out there that was recommended., and it didn't help. Once on a low oxalate diet, I think the injury finally could heal. Now, even if I do get high oxalate by accident, that foot is no longer the focus of pain.,

  33. I have two groups called Trying Low Oxalate that together have more than 24,000 members, on yahoo and facebook that I started as an outgrowth of my autism research. Really, for me, after two years of constant excruciating pain, it only took a few weeks for reducing oxalate to turn that into only a painful memory. We have also had many report improvements in all kinds of pain syndromes. To get a better feel for that, please listen to this interview: http://www.gordonmedical.com/unravelling-complex-chronic-illness/the-importance-of-oxalates-in-health/

  34. Something similar happened to me when an energy healer cleared cuprizone from my tissues. It was excruciating. 2 1/2 weeks of dorsal root ganglia inflammation resulting in a frozen, bent over back. Then it cleared with the help of a gifted Acupuncturistist using a special ancient technique. Do not know if the protocol could release cuprizone. Morley Robbins? Any ideas?

  35. Marusia, oxalate can definitely build up in tissues and muscle. Most of the research on muscle is on the heart, but not very much on muscles that would get attention during massages and such techniques, but our group has speculated on that a bit, but there is no research I've found yet on that. Oxalate definitely can get inside neurons and impair migration of solutes between the soma and nerve endings.J Neurol Sci. 1976 Oct;29(2-4):343-9.
    Peripheral neuropathy complicating primary hyperoxaluria.
    Hall BM, Walsh JC, Horvath JS, Lytton DG.
    A patient with chronic renal disease due to primary hyperoxaluria developed a rapidly progressing motor neuropathy with marked impairment of nerve conduction. Pathological studies demonstrated the presence of both axonal degeneration and segmental demyelination, together with the presence of oxalate crystals within axons. It is suggested that the development of peripheral neuropathy complicating hyperoxaluria is a consequence of the increased life-span mad possible by haemodialysis.
    PMID: 185338

  36. It is somewhat unconventional, but the Fascia Blaster has been used by many who have testified to its healing them of those two conditions. It also has many other benefits. There is a large Facebook Group where you can learn about it and ask questions. Good luck!

  37. no steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I had plantar fasciitis for 3 yrs, changed my diet – no grains or sugar. I tried everything, the only thing that helped was curcurmin and bromelain extract

  39. When I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago I bought these…relief came quickly, although I was deendent on them until I healed. I still use them.


  40. I stretched to get rid of plantar fasciitis. Babied my shoulder that hurt (torn rotator) and took my magnesium and cofactors. Worked everday still but babied the shoulder.

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  42. A couples of days ago me and my has a doctor for a client with frozen shoulder that affect her movement and also plantar problem. Her shoulder are inflamed and solid tight. and her movement are impaired due to pain. All it takes are two session for her to move freely. It is a controlled sliding deep tissue massage to break or loosen all tight muscles which free the nerves from trap & compressed. Actually after the session told us , she's not hurting anymore, and told her to take magnesium, vit-c and turmeric as support. So why not an MT who can do that. For frozen shoulder massage is the best, and been doing it for 28 yrs now.

  43. Is this your right shoulder? if so, classic sign of gallbladder issues, usually gallstones. If you're interested, there's a great gallstone flush group here on fb that can teach how to clean out gallbladder without having to have surgery.

  44. I've had frozen shoulder, and plantar faciitus, and NEVER needed surgery, nor any Dr's appointment to resolve either condition.

    For the plantar Faciitis, I got insoles with arch support and put them into my shoes. I saw to it that I changed the shoes I wore, to avoid wearing the same shoes every day. It cleared up within a week.

    My first encounter with frozen shoulder happened at a very stressful time, when our family made a decision to just jump and move 9 hrs away, and had to box everything up, and purge like crazy load up a u-haul with two loads… this in FEB 2011. Our move involved also opening up a restaurant — completely NEW experience as we've never run a restaurant before. Needless to say, I was under A LOT of stress!!!!

    I researched frozen shoulder through google and learned that I needed to be stretching those muscles that are misfiring and I borrowed a tens unit from a friend, I also went to a massage therapist every other week for about 3 months… I pinpointed the specific knots that were giving me trouble. Hot vibrating showers also provided relief.

    One thing I did was make the mistake of taking a NSAID for the pain. I did that for 2 weeks and learned 1) that actually using coconut oil applied topically did a better job and 2) the NSAID destroyed my gut and put me into leaky gut syndrome. (it took me a good 18 months before the massive Eczema flare showed up… and another 9 months to make the connection that the eczema was caused by the NSAIDs I had taken for ONLY 2 weeks.

    I will say however, that the frozen shoulder resolved itself through optimum nutrition, stretching, massages, hot showers, etc. I'm happy to also report I reversed the eczema also with optimum nutrition as well! So I suffer none of these issues anymore.

    Even though it took a full 2 yrs of working it out, have fully restored mobility in my shoulder again. WITHOUT SURGERY and WITHOUT taking DRUGS! But recently, I've been under a new stressful situation and my other shoulder is showing signs. I'm applying the same principles I ended up using to resolve the first one… and its not getting any worse. But, I also read an article that indicated frozen shoulder can be a manifestation of shingles… that shingles do not always present itself as the painful rash, but can come out of our body in many ways. When under stress the virus can push out in many forms. So I'm taking that to heart and upping what I know to be nutritional ways to fight shingles.

    I do also spray Mag oil on my painful spots too. I discovered Mag oil well after my first frozen shoulder experience. Good luck, there's been a lot of opinion on what to do here. This is what has worked for me.

  45. Which shoulder is it right or left?

  46. I never had it before either before taking all this magnesium. Mine's on the left. I know mine has something to do with my sluggish gallbladder. I recently 8 Ezekiel bread that I gave up when I went gluten free. My gut health has suffered because of giving up whole grains organic sprouted wheat barley oat although sometimes I eat oat. Seems that my gallbladder needs organic sprouted grain bread to really stimulate bile flow. It makes sense because of my genetics with the choline issue high cholesterol predisposition towards fatty liver. I read something about ghee being very stimulating to the gallbladder. But there's something about the grains in addition that help me Plus organic green blends a little bit of organic milk eggs kind of all of these things eating together sounds weird but stimulate my gallbladder weigh more than all these diet illuminations do. All these scanty eating the Peace of this and a piece of that doesn't do it for me my stools become riddled with undigested food and yeast candida overgrowth . Seems that since I've been eating the bread and butter my frozen shoulder is better so it makes sense that the getting the bile moving and cholesterol out of the liver and digestion better that would get better. My stool is finally getting darker no little bits of food I may be more toward constipation but at least it's digested. I had a HIDA scan and ultrasound it said everything was okay but I know better. I had yeast in my esophagus ahead more than likely bile reflux into the stomach which cause mild gastritis. All that tells me is that there's issues there more than likely due to genetics. No Stones were seen. But I have Hashimoto's in a family history of people with gallbladder stones so it tells me that we have sluggish gallbladders.

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