I’ve heard that magnesium helps with anxiety.


Hello all. Newbie here. Thanks for adding me! I’ve heard that magnesium helps with anxiety. I’ve been on 2 types of antidepressants, Lexapro than Pristiq. I quit about 6 months ago. My anxiety is bearable (for the most part), but I’m curious if magnesium helps keep it at bay. Please and thanks.

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  1. following

  2. Try L-theanine

  3. its a supplement that complements the magnesium glycinate

  4. When you read the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page, you will find this protocol

  5. I was starting to get anxiety panic attacks before I discovered magnesium, they're gone. Can't say what type specifically I take a few different kinds.

  6. I had terrible anxiety and was recently diagnosed w/ ADHD and mag didn't help me much but now i know the reason for my anxiety have you been checked for that?


    Yes it does! Anxiety and panic attacks are signs of low magnesium level.

    *How to Restore Mg: http://gotmag.org/how-to-restore-magnesium/
    Magnesium 3 cofactors:
    *B6 helps get Mg INSIDE the cell (We recommend Jigsaw Mg Malate as it contains B6, Mg co-factor)
    *Boron helps keep Mg INSIDE the cell (Relyte or Anderson's Concentrated Minerals contain much needed trace minerals such as boron)
    *Bicarbonate helps get Mg INSIDE the Mitochondria (check files to learn how to make Mg water)
    How To Restore Magnesium In 3 Steps
    Everyone asks me, "How do I increase my magnesium intake? What's the best form of magnesium to use?" Here's Morley Robbin's (aka. "Magnesium Man") answer.
    gotmag.org ·

  7. I was on lexapro, I started using topical magnesium and taking baths with the cofactor for my body to absorb it, and using mag a hol and I'm off lexapro and doing a ton better, and it's only been a few weeks

  8. Any recommendations of best magnesium oil?

  9. If you have thyroid issues look into Paleo style eating & ditch caffeine. Mag has helped me with anxiety. take care x

  10. What kind of mag do you take Louisa Morris

  11. Kenna, how did you get off lexapro? Did you slow taper? Any withdrawal symptoms?

  12. Stopped taking it it didn't help me..

  13. Only took for 30 days

  14. For me when I quit Pristiq, I did it cold turkey. And it was the worst experience I've ever had!! I'm never going back!

  15. If you've takin for along time and feel it helps and are wanting to go the natural way, try stepping off it slowly

  16. Magnesium I've been taking for a few months helps me some but essential oils help even more. Don't go cold turkey! Wen off….even then it sucks so so bad. Still trying to get my system back to normal. I was in bed for a week with chest pains. But you'll get through it. Meds really don't help much….I'd definitely try magnesium and some oils. Good luck

  17. I know people who get really good and fast effect by using ashwagandha in morning and afternoon. the magnesium lowers cortisol. and calms the nervous system

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