I’ve just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s


Hi everyone! I’m new here as I’ve just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 🙁 I just wondered if anyone can give me tips on how to lead a normal life. …and especially tips for losing weight. I’m quite frightened :-/ Thanks in advance!

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  1. Welcome to the hashis
    Club. Dont be scared ive lived with hashis for 15 years. Loosing weight is a balance between healthy thyroid levels, exercise, and healthy eating. One thing i will say is knowledge is power. Dont be afraid to ask doc and staff quesions. Plus you need to realize this is life long and you wont get ” better”. Meds are important as is staying on top of blood work. Dont freak just spend some time reading and educating your self.

  2. You will get better! Education is key! Diet is key! Supplements are key! Finding the right doctor is key! Support from your spouse and family is key! Knowing your own body and symptoms is crucial! Do not listen to anyone else other then your self. Every one else has different symptoms and different ways of managing the disease. Good luck! Pick up the book “hashimotos root cause”

  3. Get yourself educated on Hashimotos as much as you possibly can. Read “The Root Cause” by Isabella Wentz. Read up on how you should be eating to reverse your symptoms. Remission IS possible if you do your part. Read “The Paleo Approach” – very good info on how to be eating and how to manage stress, etc.
    You’ll also want to check your Vitamin D levels and get your adrenals checked through a saliva testing kit. The right doctor who is flexible and open minded is a must. Feel free to send me a message if you’d like, I have done a lot of research on the subject and am very passionate about helping others.

  4. With Hashimoto’s be careful of you blood sugar. Watch it carefully cause u will be normal and then out of the blue, abnormal. Make sure your Endo doc watches it carefully.

  5. Hugs Gemma – nothing to be frightened of with the right appraoch. The best advice I can give is read / learn a lot. Remember that a lot of medical professionals won’t know a lot about this or thyroid issues so you need to learn about it all & be your own advocate. There are a lot of good resources out there (The Root Cause, Stop the Thyroid Medness, etc.). Look at your diet & identify / eradicate any sensitivities (gluten, dairy, etc.). Get onto the right meds dosage for you that has you feeling better & make sure you are not defficient in any of the important vitamins (D, B12, Iron / Ferratin, etc). This group is great if you have questions, or need advice. All the best……..

  6. Education is key with this! Look into The Paleo Approach Autoimmune Protocol by Sarah Ballantyne for healthy eating. This book gives the science behind it. I just posted on my blog how I pretty much put my hashis in remission. http://Www.aycetobetterhealth.com – hope that helps! 🙂

  7. I know that I am not the only one who wonders this. Why can’t any of these conditions be cured! Nothing is cured anymore just managed by meds! Ugh.

  8. You’re being truthful. Most people are not awake and just pop pills. My doctors have to fight with me to add anymore meds. I refused cholesterol drugs and every blood test in normal below midway normal and I don’t need it and I refused. They just shake their heads. They must get a kickback or something.

  9. I forgot to mention, look at the diagnosis as your guide to making better lifestyle choices for the future and a step in allowing your body to heal and voice its’ feelings 🙂 with proper management, you can get to feeling better than you’ve ever felt…just be patient and take it step by step. Best of luck 😘

  10. Agreed Lexi (y) instead of continuing to get down about all this I’ve started looking at Hashi’s as my body’s way of saying I wasn’t looking after it in the best way possible. The thing to remember is that the “old” lifestyle was learnt over many years without concious effort whereas we now are trying to re-learn a lifetimes lessons in a very short period of time. Setbacks will happen along the way but look at those more as learning events rather than setbacks

  11. Wow…..I’m overwhelmed at the support here, thank you so so much! I’m mostly worried about the doctor element of it because all I read is that they don’t have much knowledge about it…..and also as I live in Germany, getting around the language barrier isn’t always straightforward ? I can speak it but my vocabulary in medical terms is extremely limited haha. I really am grateful for all of this, I’m so relieved to know that I’m not alone and that I can limit the symptoms. I want to be my normal weight again! 😉 So anyone that has successfully lost weight with this blooming disease, a few minutes of your time to write down an example of your daily eating plan would be immensely appreciated!! Thank again!!???

  12. WELCOME, Gemma…this is a real good group, and very knowledgeable…and have helped me with so many things because I just don’t understand this…and all the things this Hashes does to us…

  13. Remember 2 things Gemma –
    1. you’ve passed the first hurdle of being diagnosed (it took me over a year to get to that point with the Dr’s), so well done in getting that out the way &
    2. Hashi’s affects each of us in slightly different ways, so your “journey” with this will be unique to you. We share certain symptoms, etc. but it’s important to learn to listen to your body & work with the information it gives you. What works for me might need to be tweaked for it to work with you. ( eg – coconut oil & milk works for many but I cant tolerate it )

  14. This is a journey that is totally individual. Everyone is very different. I agree with the others. Education is the key. What works well for me will not necessarily work for you. We will all be able to give you general information, encouragement, guidelines, but you will find how your body reacts to the different remedies you will want to investigate.

  15. Good luck. Everybody’s different. My mother, husband & I have it but I’m the only one that has had complications.

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