I’ve upped my magnesium and potassium


On a roll with questions today…
I’ve upped my magnesium and potassium (they were very low).
Also taking folate for pregnancy, fermented cod liver oil, vit c, and occasional b12.
Since I’ve upped my mag my mood swings are horrendous, my poor 2 year old and husband don’t know what to do – depression, tears, frustration, shouting.. It’s stressing me out!
Any correlation?
My other post was about mouth cracks? Could there be something I’m deficient in that would help both maybe?
Thanks for your help.

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  1. You do not mention the type of Magnesium you are taking, how much or the value of your Magnesium RBC. Nor whether you are getting Mg's three cofactors.

  2. Hi MJ Hampstead –
    I'm very new to all of this so bear with me.
    Mag chloride in bath once a day and orally twice a day – up to 700 mg all in all – I should be taking about 600 with my weight)
    I've seen cofactors mentioned a lot but not sure what they are.
    Also no idea what rbc is
    Appreciate your help, thank you

  3. So are cofactors – calcium, zinc, b vits, pottasium, boron, selenium?
    If so, calcium – no because my calcium was very high
    Zinc no – someone told me to stay away because pregnant
    B vits – occasionally, wasn't sure if I needed them
    Pottasium – yes
    Boron and selenium – no

  4. And I'm taking adrenal cocktail in afternoon at 4 ish

  5. Cofactors are: vitamin B6 as part of the full B complex, boron and bicarbonate.

  6. Perhaps my simple Mg site will help

  7. Love the site. I'm curious how do you take baking soda for the bicarbonate. Just add water and gulp down?

  8. F. My moods are horrible too. Wasn't sure is there was a connection or if it is just 'life' lol. I take Jigsaw mag with cofactors.

  9. Thank you – would my 2 year old need the cofactors too?

  10. wonderful info on the site, thank you MJ Hampstead, stealing it

  11. Clair Ashton i know all of the above are important, but my experience has been that the depression/anxiety/mood swings were highly influenced by changing forms of
    Folate (to 5MTHF) and b12 (to hydroxyB12).

  12. My mood swings reduced when I lowered mag. I had metal coming out of my skin and my clothes smelt like metal so it started a massive detox.

  13. Mouth cracks are b vitamin deficiency.

  14. ARe you well hydrated?

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