Just found out my dad has haemochromatosis!


Just found out my dad has haemochromatosis! !! So now i think i have an time line of my health
1.Signs of anemia in mid teens, iron supplements taken
2. Years of binge drinking and modern low fat diet = obesity, liver stress, ‘bad’ estrogen increase
3. Pregnancy causing further increase in estrogen
4. Post pregnancy heavy menstruation, clots, mid cycle spotting, lethargy
5. Start paleo lchf, initial boost in health, fat loss
6. Suspect estrogen dominance: cut down alcohol, plastic exposure, start calcium d glucarate, milk thistle
7. Develop pelvic pains suspect fibroids – tbc
8. Discover mag group, start ac, mag + cofactors
9. Learn about unbound iron toxicity, which can cause increase in estrogen as antioxidant!
10. Find out my dad has haemochromatosis which is genetic.

So my plan is to get an ultrasound on Tuesday to see cause of pelvic pain. Then maybe-
Get bloods done to asses ferritin.
Get dutch test to assess estrogen
Donate blood
Start natural progesterone cream

Am i missing anything? Its all a bit sketcy but i feel I’m on to something!

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  1. So great that the puzzle is falling into place and you can take care of yourself going forward. Don't forget borax to balance hormones.

  2. Become a blood donor if possible.

  3. Please share links to info about unbound iron. Good detective work, stay well, take care 🙂

  4. Keep your eye on Ceruloplasmin, too. It is more important than Ferritin.

  5. Ask for the Haemachromatosis test, plus full iron panel. Liver function and FBC. As MJ said, make sure ceruloplasm is done. And thyroid plus antibodies. Iron sats seem more important than ferritin then go from there if the Dr won't do all the testing you need, mentioned in the files here.

  6. fibroids are not fun. and they cause horrible clotting and heavy periods. I had a giant fibroid about the size of a newborn baby's head. I had a hard time urinating and always had to go and never felt relieved. My stomach looked pregnant and I was uncomfortable with any pressure on my belly because the fibroid crushed my insides. My life was miserable for a decade. I finally had it surgically removed. Life was instantly better for a while. Wish I knew then what I know now!

  7. I started using Anna's Wild Yam cream instead of a progesterone cream this month. I watched Barbara O'Neil's you tube video on balancing hormones, and this is what she recommends. So far, I like it.

  8. The boron water is made up of one tsp of borax in one quart of water and use one tsp of this solution as boron water. It has about 3 mg of boron

  9. Get your dr to order a HSG dye test to look at your tubes and uterus. You could have swollen tube, endometriosis, fibroid etc. I had few symptoms. Just painful periods that got progressively worse over time. My old Dr only order a saline sonogram and said I was fine. The problem is that won't detect the problem. You need a HSG or laparoscopy.

  10. This runs in my family too.

  11. Claire Finch just wanted to share this link with regards to cabbage lowering Ferritin. I have run across several people that no longer have to do phlebotomies. Take Care !!!


  12. Can boron water be stored in jars?

  13. yes glass jars

  14. Robert Montgomery does fermenting the cabbage decrease or increase the benefit from eating cabbage to reduce unbound iron?

  15. Roderick Smith I don't think anyone knows most people eat it raw or steamed. Of course one can experiment.

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