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I have a question. Just started Camsema III. Had a white bowel movement today. Any thoughts? Anyone else have this while starting Camsema III or any other kind of protocol? Thanks

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  1. I have a tender spot in the soft spot under my ribs. I get great relief when my husband massages it. Funny thing is when I went off my program to eat on the cruise the pain went away and I had no aching in my joints. I get back and get back on my program and all the pain comes back. Don't get it. Never had one problem on the cruise. Felt better than quite a while. Now this.

  2. And no pain on your right side or inder ladt 2ribs on right?

  3. White?- seriously white or like babies on milk poop beige?

  4. I don't eat anything out of a box or can but I did just get home from a cruise. I had no problems on the cruise at all so it could be a symptom of die off. No pain or acidosis. In fact, normal movements and more than usual so I am moving better than ever. Just white. That I have never done before. It is a hard winter right now and most fresh foods at the store have been frozen during transport and go bad in one or two days so it makes it almost impossible to get good organic anything right now. Hopefully this will pass soon. Thanks for all your help. Sometimes just talking it out helps narrow things down. Blessings.

  5. A healthy liver creates bile. No diet (except a healthy one) can influence a healthy liver to do more of that …. You can make the liver healthier by eliminating processed foods that come in boxes – (much of what a supermarket sells is in that category) snacks, cookis, crackers – atypical junk food should be the smallest portion of a diet, and focus on the broths, soups, stocks, greens, other colored vegetables – tomatoes, carrots, balance the 'color' spectrum of the vegetables (so to speak) and always use fresh foods in cooking and menu planning as much as possible. People with healthy livers: avoid alcohol, and excess sugar consumption (that makes sense anyway) Research anti-toxin and anti-oxidant foods, the ones that help us stay 'young and healthy' if not in appearance – but in our mindset – at a microcellular level too. Cilantro, some seaweeds and other important greens are great anti-oxidants and eliminate heavy metals from the body at all levels. That will help the liver regardless …

  6. Probiotics are goods like yougurt, and fermented foods that contain healthy bacteria that balance the system and help eliminate toxins … Bile is created by the liver, a healthy liver creates bile normally and it enters the system via the bile duct. I cannot imagine anyone doing more than ONE full cleanse a year … perhaps you messed with the balance of good bacteria in the gut where one's immune system basically originates, and you are reaping that reward now … If you eat greens, vegetables and also fruits in a balanced manner and consume beef, pork and chicken broths that are homemade from bones that are roasted and then used in broths in minimal amounts of water, cooked over a period of a day to get the benefits from the marrow (and other minerals + enzymes) from the bones that would help a ton. Bone broths and soup stocks made and frozen in glass canning jars are excellent sources of these factors that one needs — that vegetables and fruits cannot possibly deliver… Look to Weston A. Price Foundation for how to's in making stocks and broths. Parasites are not fed by probiotics, by the way.

  7. I have done two colon cleanses last year and two full liver cleanses last year. I am also concerned about probiotics because I read that if you have parasites you can actually feed them with the probiotics. Sounds like it makes sense. Wondering about the bile though. If my bile is low is there a way to help my system create more?

  8. Typically it is a liver issue

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