Just today got ethical nutrients magnesium


Sorry for rant

So fed up……doctors have no idea, osteo has no idea, naturopath no idea……for three years now I have had tight muscles, mainly lower back and neck, I was told my neck uncles were tighter then someone my therapist treat for cerebral palsy. I have weekly osteo and take Zoloft and nexium. Constant pain can’t lift anything can only sit on a hard seat, can’t enjoy e beach ( where we live) was told initially it was due to being anxious, anxiety under control and still no relief, fibro was mentioned but because it’s only in a couple of areas doctor thinks I do t have the classic signs, I’m weaning off nexium and Zoloft and doing fish oil and calcium but I can’t go on in pain with no answers has anyone had similar, today for example my back is tight and aching

Just today got ethical nutrients magnesium

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  1. Try Massage and wet cupping ?

  2. Please please please be careful with 'doing fish oil and calcium' -if you have tight muscles, calcium is very likely to stiffen muscles rather than soften them.

    Can you walk through the shallows of the water at the beach or perch on a (hard?) seat with your feet in the water. The magnesium and so much more you get from the salt water is very very useful.

    Have you read through the 'stops' and 'starts' of the protocol? Including watching the video, etc…? I think that may be worth you considering.

    I'm in Brisbane – nice to see another Aussie 🙂 Have you ever tried Bowen therapy? It has helped me alongside this protocol with my injuries and muscle problems.


  3. I would make and start taking golden paste (Turmeric, coconut oil and pepper). It's one of the best anti-inflammatories and helps inflammation and pain like no other! Also, golden paste really helps anxiety. So it would be double help for you.

    Also, if you've never heard of the Fascia Blaster, look it up. It's basically a massage tool that you use over warm, well oiled skin. I got one in February to treat cellulite in my thighs abut I've had MANY other benefits beyond that, including much less tight muscles!

    I would advise joining two Facebook groups, the Fascia Blaster group and the Turmeric User Group. Both have over 200,000 members so there's literally loads of info there. Plus, if you ask a specific question, you typically get dozens of comments, which can really help you.

    I can post the golden paste recipe if you like. Or you can join that group and get it.

    You'll just have to trust me that both these things will help you immensely! Good luck! I hope you find relief soon!

  4. I have all those ingredients if you can post that would help. I hate the taste of turmeric though

  5. Your symptoms sound similar to what my niece have. Have they done an MRI? If not, I would request one. My niece had been suffering with similar symptoms for over ten years. Her current doctor ordered an MRI and they found she has a nerve sheath tumor at the base of her neck. She is in constant pain.


  6. Do stop the calcium and start magnesium and the adrenal cocktail. It's not hard. Then later bring other things on as recommended on this group. All the herbs in the world won't help as much as mag and Bowen!!!! Get it into ya!

  7. MagMalate..malic acid

  8. Nexium depletes the body of magnesium.

  9. What other symptoms Katherine Jones Short ? Hair skin digestion bowels cycle etc ( if you care to share)

  10. Hair has been falling out for about 4 months like you run hands through and get quite a bit, doesn't grow fast, when all this started has diareahhea for months no one could explain cut gluten and used homeopathy and got on top of it, cycle regular get heaps of pimples and painful

  11. This is an Australian product I use on my calves: https://www.karmarub.com

  12. As someone whose husband was on the highest dose Nexium from a young age and everything seemed to be a problem. For him the problem seems to be vegetable oils, when we started primal/paleo and we elimated bread (not just gluten) and cooked with butter, coconut oil, ghee and lard, nothing disagreed with him and he could eat rich food (cream sauces for example). It also meant that we could pinpoint if something disagreed with him. It seems he has an allergic reaction to nuts, particularly almonds and amaretto flavoring. He even had the big operation for gerd but removing vegetable oil and nuts and bread has been far more effective. He is off Nexium completely.

  13. I'm glad you said you are weaning off the prescription drugs as they deplete much needed vitamins and minerals. Have you read through the pinned post? It has a list of things to stop. One of them is supplementing Calcium. Also you are better off with Cod Liver oil rather than just fish oil. The Mag protocol works, all the best

  14. I took nexium type drugs for over 10 years and they about killed me. They cause malabsorption of about every mineral. I used food enzymes to get off of them, and eventually a major diet change (Auto immune protocol gut healing diet) which has healed and fixed my digestive issues. My health has done a complete turn around since following gut healing protocol diet. Part of the magnesium protocol is adopting an ancestral diet, I highly recommend AIP diet.

  15. Stop the calcium today. Start doing the adrenal cocktail, get a good bclomplex and use a topical magnesium.

  16. Be aware to implement the protocol first before going off Zoloft etc., you still need something to replace what the drug is doing. Going off them slowly is the key and be prepared for moods to settle up to 3 mths. (My hubby was on Zoloft and it took him a year of magnesium before he was confident enough to go off them. His Gp wouldn't give him how to so he weaned himself over 6 weeks – this was still too short but refused to go back, he is okay now 2 yrs later )

  17. I don't know what to get to start and how too it's overwelming

  18. I have similar in the back of my neck…caused by an old injury..resulting in head,neck.jaw pain 24/7 so far the pain has been reduced by 80% after 1 session..I can recommend a therapy called Zero Balancing..if you're in the US..this therapy was created by an American so you should be able to find a practitioner if you are in the UK there's a UK website where you can do the same.Katherine Jones Short XX

  19. Are you HYPOthyroid??? It might be Fibromyalgia.

    Ive had it for 8 years. THE ONLY thing that helped the most was FRESH CUT pineapple. Bromelain forces your cells to rejuvenate. Ive had 80% pain and fatigue reduction 24-48 hours after eating about a cup or 5-8 big chunks.

    My theory is that hypothyroid gives you a real slow metabolism. Im 47 with no gray hair yet and clinical test show that rats who are made hypo double their lifespan.

    This brought me to the idea that When i go to go to work and do the things one expects out of a worker.. my body cannot repair itself as fast or after 8 hours of sleep.

    Pineapple is considered the "Flesh Eating" fruit. I think if you have enough in your system 2-3 times a week..it is forcing cells to die off in your muscles and forcing your metabolism to correct it…bumping up the daily repair process.

    That is my theory because bromelain has been the BEST at giving me so many better days than bad ones.

  20. FYI. Im not taking any other medications now. Only my normal hypothyroid medication.

  21. Could the tight muscles be due to cervical dystonia? That's what I was diagnosed with and have the same tight muscle issues in neck and back

  22. Adding Acupuncture and Gua Sha therapy does wonders for tight muscles.

  23. It might be cervical dystonia

  24. Your meds are mostly likely stripping you of key nutrients. ..research what each med takes out of your body…

  25. Have you been to a good chiropracrtor?

  26. Aside from getting the nutrients right with the protocol here, massage regularly – every 2 weeks minimum and with a knowledgable practitioner,- you also need to do stretching several times a week, then add in strengthening exercises and when can get regular even short walks. Can you get yourself into a pool to move around as that would be best right now- supported by the water.

  27. I used to suffer terribly with chronic muscle tension and pain. I literally have spent thousands of pounds on chiropractic treatments, the relief would only last a few days, I used to crack my extremely tight neck about 20 times a day, suffered chronic migraines. I started the root cause protocol about six months ago. I haven't needed to call my chiropractor since

  28. Eat a daily apple plus Bragg's ACV for stomach issues

  29. Master fast system and fascia blaster

  30. antidepressants wont help pain. But Drs give them out like they are for that. And they make you REALLY, "sick". I'm waiting for fibro to be attributed to them.

  31. When the protocol is starting to work it starts to move calcium out of the places it has accumulated and it does cause pain and stiffness. This may be happening. Another concept about the hair falling out is that the bodies defences are mobilised on the important this (clearing calcium from wrong spots) that there is little energy for it to spend on unimportant things like holding onto hair. Once the minerals are in the right spots the hair will regrow.
    If the symptoms are too dramatic, take a break and start when you feel better at a much lower dose.

  32. Consider homeopathy

  33. Check out Feldenkrais Method

  34. look for a cervical chiropractor. once i started visiting them, he got my spine fixed properly. they adjust my jaw too!!

  35. I recommend Bowen therapy too, its very gentle. My father had back pain so severe that he couldn't get out of bed. He was sceptical about Bowen, but it only took one or two treatments and he was back to normal. Osteopathy is also good. I know some have good results with a chiropractor but I also know of friends who have had negative results, so I think its very important to find a good one, as their adjustments are more invasive than the other therapies.

  36. Sounds like me before the high iron results and the hereditary hemochromatosis finding. Very common symptoms with high iron. Get an iron panel (4 tests) at the very least!

  37. Patricia Elizabeth how much topical magnesium do you use and how do you know its enough?

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