Lactose Intolerant & Gluten Intolerant


Lactose Intolerant & Gluten Intolerant.
No allergy…
I can’t ingest milk products without embarrassing-clear-the room consequences.
Dairy is more difficult for me to give up than gluten. I have tried almond cheeses, Chao, cashew “queso…”
Has anyone found “cheese” that tastes like cheese? It has been the hardest to give up.

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  1. We love the gouda from Follow Your Heart and the Kite Hill cream cheese in chive or jalapeno is so good! There are some good mozzarellas for pizza, So Delicious is our current favorite. When I first went dairy free I just left out the dairy, the vegan cheese just didn't taste good. But, that was 5 years ago and they have come a long way. Good luck to you, it gets easier and you will feel better, physically and mentally. 🙂

  2. My 5 year old transitioned to the Daiya brand without a complaint.

  3. Have you tried goat cheese ? I'm not a fan of the plain one , but I've found some goat cheese with fig , it's delicious. Water buffalo Brie is awesome as well.

  4. IMO none of them come close. I've just given up. Some nuts "cheeses" are very good, but they aren't cheese.

    I just do lactose free cheese if I need cheese. Its okay for me

  5. I use Daiya if it's heated…
    I use the cheaper sliced on sandwiches I can handle it cold but prefer to toast my sandwich

  6. I've learned that if you sprinkle nutritional yeast on before the flavorless shredded nut-based cheeses, they look melts and cheesy, and the nutritional yeast makes it taste like cheese. I did this for nachos today with bland "mozzarella" shreds and found it pretty satisfying.

  7. I agree, I am struggling with dairy. Would love a mozzarella that actually melts and gets bubbly brown on a pizza. Am I asking too much? I think the Follow Your Heart mozzarella smells horrible, and didn't care for the taste, but love the smoked gouda.

  8. Nope. I grew up on cheddar and since I was diagnosed in the 80s I still have yet to find a good cheese substitute. I haven't been able to try the nut based ones. They sound promising. Mostly I just go cheeseless. I can tolerate small amounts of goat cheddar. So sometimes it is worth it to me to have a small serving and some benedryl (non ana reaction). FYI if you have an allergic reaction to cow dairy there is about an 85% chance that you will react to goat.

  9. I am a HUGE cheese head, it was always my go-to for a quick snack. I would but blocks at the store and just chop them
    Up and eat them whenever. Being from Wisconsin, fresh from the factory cheese curd was a huge treat. My doc said my tests showed a strong reaction to gluten and dairy and that's all it took. I haven't had a bite of either since. I like Daiya, but I also understand cheese is unnecessary in a diet, and to replace it means it won't taste the same, it's to be expected. So my choices aret to totally go without or make due and get used to the change in flavor. I pretty much go without, unless I want pizza, Daiya makes an awesome gluten free dairy free pizza

  10. I use daiya as a melting cheese, but I don't care for it cold.

  11. I eat raw cheese and it doesn't bother my stomach! I can get it at my local heb! Comes in a block and shreds and melts like normal!

  12. We use tofutti or daiya but honestly in most things my son prefers no "cheese"

  13. Parmesan and romano, the white cheeses don't bother me as much. But mostly no on the yellow. There is no substitute that is good

  14. I highly recommend Earth Island cheese! It tastes so similar that I've had a family member accidentally eat it thinking it was real/dairy and had no idea until I asked where my "cheese" had gone

  15. I enjoy Heidi Ho. Depends on how you're using the cheese. Their "pure" is good with crackers or chips like it was cream cheese. The Smokey I like with eggs or as sandwich spread. There's another one that is orange that is good as a mac n cheese sauce.

  16. HAvent really found a true replacement. Follow your heart cheese is the best so far. Great on sandwiches! Ok on Pizza.

  17. I've heard that nutritional yeast gives things a cheesy taste. Also, some people with cows dairy issues do fine with goat cheese. My favorite is Humboldt Fog.

  18. After re-reading the question….some of the better cheese options I accidentally tried might work for you. The soy cheeses which are made with casein (milk protein) were some of the better tasting ones. These are likely to work if you just have lactose intolerance. I, on the other hand, react to the proteins, and my body told me the difference pretty quickly.

  19. If it's a lactose intolerance there are many lactose free cheeses out there. Or you could take lactaid pills (I think? Not sure if they're g free). If it's a protein intolerance it's harder to work around

  20. We love daiya, chao, and follow my heart. Kite Hill makes amazing almond based “cream cheese”. Daiya makes an amazing cheesecake!

  21. Cabot cheddar cheese and mozzarella are lactose free. They even make already shredded.

  22. I have heard good things about so delicious shredded cheese, and follow your heart & chao slices. Kite hill is the one I've heard for cream cheese

  23. I find that giving up a category rather than trying to find a good substitute is an easier road.

  24. Daiya brand is alright, but nothing will ever be cheese lol

  25. The lactaid pills usually work pretty good, I have never found a good substitute for real cheese. Dayia or follow your heart is ok melted as long as you don't expect it to taste like the real thing. Goat cheese doesn't bother me as much or sheeps milk cheese

  26. if you find a good cheese, let us all know! I have given up on pizza without cheese.

  27. We use goat cheese.

  28. My daughter has dairy allergies. So we get Go Veggie – make sure it has a purple banner that says vegan, they have the green banner which is lactose free which she still has issues with, Kite Hill or Follow My Heart. Our hardest thing is finding a cheese that will melt like for pizza.

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