Low carb, gluten free, no grain, paleo people I have a question. I have finally decided to try changing my diet. I have been following LCHF type of diet for the last 4 days. I have had a few issues. 1. I feel weak, tired, and just run down. 2. My blood sugar dropped today. 3. I have increased my protein and fat and other than veggies and a fruit here/there significantly decreased carbs and I have like a belly ache off and on. Does this go away??

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  1. It will go away, what no one knows much of is that when you do cut out the carbs you can go through withdrawals which that sounds like you’re doing. I joined which is for people who have celiac disease but also people who have a gluten sensitivity. The people on the forums are terrific and can help with gluten free diets and any diet that you are trying to cut gluten out. I am on a whole foods diet and found out that I have a sensitivity to dairy, soy, nightshade vegetables and msg.Here is a link

  2. Oh wow…yeah that would make sense. I’m Italian and a total carbaholic lol. I thought that this would be impossible, but so far other than those issues I’ve been doing pretty well. I’m sure it will get harder once I get tired of eating the same things lol.

  3. Try following the autoimmune protocol, you’ll feel great.

  4. I honestly didn’t feel bad before other than joint inflammation.

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