Lemon water to make the body more alkaline?


thank you so much for this site. question: I see people recommending drinking lemon water to make the body more alkaline? I’m just learning but how does consuming a food with acid in it make the body more alkaline? what about taking a little apple cider vinegar each day which is supposed to be good for diabetes and so many things? it’s an acid. does that help or harm the pH level?

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  1. Do not brush your teeth right away after drinking the lemon water, the enamel on your teeth are softened for the acid, wait 30 minutes after you finish drinking the lemon water to brush your teeth. Also, it's always best to eat the WHOLE ENTIRE LEMON! SEEDS AND ALL. The peel alone contains more of the healing nutients/vitamins than the juice alone! Google it.

  2. Larry Mccampbell what kind of tumor did you have??

  3. Brenda, I grate organic lemon peel in a cup …cut the lemon into pieces. .squeeze juice into pan while warming water…I take a tater smasher and smoosh the lemon up..so I get chunks..add 2 to 3 tbls honey and 2to 3 tlbs.applecider vin..Braggs is good…also raw organic honey. Its my comfort drink…cider. vin gives me energy…sometimes do just lem and honey at nite…I used to drink wine to sleep..this is much better for me! I plan on surviving breast cancer!

  4. Yes, I do know 2 people who have , I am one of them.

  5. Deborah Harrell…how much of everything do you mix together..

  6. Does anyone know someone who made their tumors go away by making their body alkaline?

  7. a lemon is alkaline in your body because your stomach does not need stomach acid to break the lemon down

  8. I check my pH with strips and it is usually good

  9. lemon is not acidic

  10. Yes, I put a capful into distilled water….

  11. Juiced lemons & bp?

  12. Lemons are alkaline to the body

  13. I don't personally believe that it's the actual lemon pH contribution that is most beneficial to us, but the vitamins it contains because they act as inhibitors (or "antioxidants") for the free radicals in our body. 🙂

  14. thank you all so much for your time responding to my questions. this site has to be a huge help to so many.

  15. Been doing lemon, apple cider vin, organic honey.purewater all warm…yum. addicted..givez me tons of energy…not at night tho..up till 4 am…ph strip in the morning PROOF!

  16. Patricia Oseguera what's "recommended" is 1/2 teaspoons daily, and you can up the dosage to 7 times a say if you're "sick". I would take a teaspoon daily if I didn't do other things to help alkalize myself

  17. Currant cherries will make the Cancer attack the Cancer I've read in a few sites

  18. when I did the 17 day fast with lemons, it did not hurt my teeth. It is recommended to brush after each drink

  19. Do the lemons with a tbl spoon of baking soda

  20. Robert Janczak, are you saying you use apple cider vinegar to alkanize the body like lemons do?

  21. a friend tells me that lemon juice is hard on your teeth because of the acid. is this a concern? maybe it seems trivial compared to the subject of cancer.

  22. Citris is alkaline ash in the body

  23. Madisen Molnar whats the recommended dosage

  24. I use apple cider vinegar.

  25. It fools the pancreas to think you are acidic …it then produces an enzyme that makes you more alkaline.

  26. Anneli Fourie I take two a day. I have a yeast on my arm that's turning my skin white, and baking sods seems to be the only thing that helps. I am not sure if baking soda kills cancer cells(haven't looked into it), but one thing I do know is that all cancer patients are too acidic. If you have any cancer related question the group Solitare .org will have all the questions you have about baking soda and cancer.

  27. Juicing two lemons will bring my blood pressure down. I swear by them. Master cleanse is a good protocol in my opinion. I did that one for 17 days and seen miraculous changes in my body

  28. Madisen Molnar taking baking soda in the empty capsules, does it kill cancer cells and how many do you take daily?

  29. I have a dwarf meyer lemon tree that we planted in aug and we harvested 22 lemons last winter and have a new group growing now. So excited!

  30. Is cutting up slices and putting in water enough? Or do I need to juice them

  31. Lemons are an alkaline food. They are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they're alkaline because the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized. I have been drinking juiced lemons my entire life my mum taught me that and I am sure its why I never really had all the illnesses that run in my family. Six years ago I was not always an advocate for healthy food but I have always juiced lemons I love them. Thank god I have lemon trees.

  32. When drinking lemon with water The acid of the lemon changes the ph to alkaline

  33. What I do is fill empty capsule s and fill then with baking soda! It's the best

  34. Wheatgrass works very well

  35. It helps your pH balance.

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