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Let’s talk antibodies. How do I get mine to be lower? They are currently at 900, have been lower in the past. All my other labs are in range.


I started selenium 8 weeks ago. I am trying to get pregnant. I have recurrent pregnancy loss, and this is probably the reason.

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  1. Following

  2. The last time I was checked mine were 565

  3. Mine went down after I cut out processed foods and all the foods that I tested sensitive to.

  4. Hm, mine was 649 the other day, first time that I'm aware it's been tested.

  5. I'm eating clean! Not completely plant but I make most of my foods from scratch.

  6. My number did not even show up on the test. It was too high to be read

  7. I take low dose Naltrexone. My doctor and NP started me on a very low dose and I have worked up to taking 4.5 mg every night before bed. I have been on this for 2 yrs now and it has made a substantial difference in lower my antibodies.

  8. LDN took mine from 900 to 40. Nothing in my diet seemed to make any difference.

  9. How much will less stress and HRT help antibodies go down? Mine were 1800 last month. I felt like crap but didn't know why. Started HRT and I feel better now. Is there any way it's because my hormones are better??

  10. What are these abbreviations

  11. Related question – Does it really matter what the antibody numbers are? Does that indicate how aggressively the body is attacking the Thyroid? If that's the case, then the goal in getting the numbers down would really be attempting to lessen the autoimmune response against the Thyroid? Am I understanding this correctly?
    I was just diagnosed two weeks ago and all of my Thyroid levels are fine – just have high antibodies (600s).

  12. I am really not sure. All I know is that I'm having miscarriages and my tsh, t3,t4 numbers are optimal. What do u think?

  13. I am feeling fine, I used to have brain fog but since I am on levo I am fine.

  14. Selenium,zinc and iodoine

  15. I highly recommend Dr. Amy Myers protocol, you can check out her website for more information. Also her books The thyroid connection, and the autoimmune solution. She emphasizes diet, provides recipes, explains the science, gives the optimal reference ranges for antibodies, and recommends supplements

  16. Have you been tested for MFRTH gene mutation? That's a popular problem for us with auto immune disorders. I'm on Naturethyroid and LDN. 31 weeks pregnant today

  17. Have you seen a reproductive specialist? It's not always the women's problem. Men have infertility too

  18. I'm in the exact same situation as you Suri. I've had 2 miscarriages this year, maybe even 3 (possible chemical). My TSH, t3 and t4 were not optimal the first time, and they were almost optimal the second time (my TSH was 0.4, t3 & t4 were within range). My endocrinologist thinks my antibodies were likely not low enough yet, so he thinks they caused the miscarriages as I've had all the testing done (my husband and I) and there aren't known issues. I've noticed a decrease in my antibodies since cutting out gluten, dairy, alcohol and coffee – it sucks cutting all these things out but I want a healthy pregnancy!

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