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Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are. Seems like there are three main (informal) categories of Celiacs: those who had a dramatic, quick descent into an acute illness that ultimately led to diagnosis; those who lingered for weeks, months or years then ultimately were diagnosed; and those who were largely asymptomatic and quite surprised by the diagnosis. So my question: is the level and rate of intestinal damage the same across all these groups, or is that also determined by the individuals body? For example, if I were asymptomcatic and diagnosed after 3 years with the disease, would my intestinal damage be the same as the person who was sick to one degree or another for 3 years prior to their diagnosis?

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  1. That’s a really interesting question.

  2. I have receivers diagnosed based on blood work and upper endoscopy. My dr said, based on his exam, that the damage was very, very moderate and was insistent that I start gf. I hope this helps- AND I’m not sick and have no symptoms. But, started gf this week per diagnosis.

  3. From what I’ve heard, no. There are people with a lot of damage that had no symptoms. My husband had symptoms, went GF for two weeks then had the biopsy (don’t do that! But his doc said to. :-/) and it came back 100% normal.

  4. I was diagnosed in 2015. Had digestive problems for at least 7 years. My endoscopy showed minimal damage. I have been gluten-free for almost 2 years and continue to have digestive problems…no itching or chronic cough unless I eat gluten.

  5. I’m not sure which category I would fall into. I had a really bad flare up for about two months, which led to my being diagnosed. But looking back, I did put up with stomach issues, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had it for a couple years. I asked my doctor after my endoscopy, and he said the damage to my small intestine was mild.

  6. I went gluten free two months before my biopsy and still showed a lot of damage. I know they don’t like that, but I was so sick and unable to eat. I had to. I think some never do heal. I am still fighting with after a year being gluten free. I also had problems for years wrote it off as GERD. I also am lactose intolerant. That I had wondered about for sometime. Symptoms got worse with age. I think growing up on a farm and eating foods not processed may be why it didn’t show until I was older and eating more boxed food I took to lunch for work.

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