Levo before or after?


I’m supposed to go get lab work done today for my pregnancy. I’m getting a lot tested, but they will also be checking all my thyroid levels AND doing a 1 hour glucose test…so my question…am I supposed to take my Levo before or after my appointment. I’m only asking because with my last pregnancy they didn’t even want me to drink anything before the glucose test.

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  1. Take your levo after the testing.

  2. I was told to take my meds as normal so they test with meds because that os a normal controlled part for you

  3. Testing without meds gives you a more reliable results for free T4 and free T3 since you avoid the spike in blood levels that occurs shortly after taking the meds. TSH is not affected by that.

  4. Thyroid meds after, all other meds as usual. Saying that, I didn’t take my metformin for fasting labs because if I take that on empty stomach i get sick

  5. I always take my meds after a draw. Doing so before can either show a false hyper or normal result when you might be hypo.

  6. I always take meds after blood draws. The half life of levo is 7-10 days so a couple hours won’t hurt anything

  7. So just to clarify, she’s testing all my thyroid levels to make sure that the dose I’m on of Levo doesn’t need to be adjusted….I’ve always taken it before having my levels checked as that’s what my dr always told me to do…my only concern is if it will mess with my glucose test.

  8. Call the lab before you go or take meds

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