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Is anyone still eating gluten and taking levo or synthroid and feeling fine? I’ve been gluten free for about 8 months but now my TPO is higer than it was when I was eating everything in the world and this diet just stresses me out on a daily basis. It’s hard to find food when you’re in a hurry. My favorite part of the day is now the most stressful part of the day. Thinking about slowly reintroducing.

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  1. I eat gluten. Tried GF for 3 months. No changes in symptoms or Labs. I did lose 10 lbs though. Love my pizza and pasta.

  2. I’ve been eating gluten since I was diagnosed 45 years ago. No diet changes and doing fine on name brand levo.

  3. I’m on levo and eat gluten. I feel good almost all of the time.

  4. I eat gluten. I’m on a low dose of Synthroid, 50 mcg Monday-Friday, 25 mcg on the weekend. No nodules. No goiter. I have had Hashi’s for probably close to 9 years now.

  5. Thanks for your responses!

  6. Everything in moderation. Try and cut out/down on white flour, white sugar and any prepared meats containing nitrates. Eat berries and plant based foods high in fiber. There’s no real magic.

  7. Perhaps your trigger is not a gut issue? Seems it helps those people the most.

  8. I understand! I’m on a strict elimination diet, no gluten, dairy, soy, or any reactive foods (which is a lot of things!). Mine is all based on testing and through a dietitian. I did react to wheat. I also have endo and have more pain when I eat inflammatory foods. It’s stressful and stress isn’t good for Hashimotos either, but I really wanted to try to heal by gut and figure out what I can safely eat. Despite this and LDN my antibodies went up, but I’m hoping they get better soon. Sometimes they get worse before they get better.

  9. I take Synthroid, eat gluten and am doing fine.

  10. My endo told me if your not Gluten intolerant no need to cut it out, As far as my weight when diagnosed a year ago I weighed 117 with no diet change I’ve lost 25lbs my problem is I can’t gain weight. I look very sick. I’m on levo.

  11. Any tips on How to eat gluten free. I find it really difficult to do when eating out. I have no will power.

  12. I eat gluten and take levo. I do not eat tons of bad carbs…less than 100 mg’s per day. I felt horrid for years, couldn’t lose weight either. It was when my TSH was low (.008) when I began walking and doing portion control I started losing weight and kept pushing through. I feel better now than I have in many years (I’m 50) even when I was younger.

  13. I’m on Synthroid, and not gluten free. Doing fine.

  14. Because it makes me physically ill, I’ve been 100% gluten free for over 10 years.

  15. I take levo, eat a full and balanced diet with no food restrictions and I’m pretty much symptom free.

  16. I am on levo, too. I have been trying to eat GF for about one month, I haven’t noticed any differences, except the fact that I am hungry all the time and I find it very hard to follow. 🙂

  17. Quit gluten and noticed a slight changed. Then got off synthetic meds to NDT and it changed a lot! I did have to go full paleo and NDT to get the best effects. Life changer

  18. Only 2 brands of Levo are gluten free. So a diet change won’t be enough if you don’t change your meds too

  19. There are at least 22 manufacturers of generic levothyroxine and at least 4 of them are gluten free. I stopped looking for more once I had found twice your Wentz quoted “only 2”.

  20. I still eat gluten, and dairy…well, I really haven’t cut anything out of my diet. I’ve cut back on some stuff, and try to make sure I have a balanced and healthy diet, and I feel pretty great!

  21. I am on generic levo (gluten free) and I eliminated gluten to see if there were any changes. For me, eliminating gluten has stopped the severe rash I had on my my legs and arms and reduced the terrible dandruff I was experiencing. I went on a two week cruise in Dec, didn’t pay any mind to the gluten content and paid for it dearly for two months afterwards. I think everybody is different and you need to figure out what works for you.

  22. I tried gluten free for the hell of it. Literally changed nothing. I have been tested for celiac and it was negative so now I just eat a healthy normal diet. Unless you have tested positive for an allergy or celiac, stop making yourself miserable over it. Just try and avoid processed foods and fast foods because well…they are crap lol.

  23. My new Doc has me gluten free, dairy free and low carb for 6-8 weeks. I am on week 4 and I feel no different but have lost weight (I’m sure it’s the low carb). I go back Thursday for a follow-up and will discuss what is going on.

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