Levo to Synthroid?


Has anyone ever been switched from Levo to Synthroid? Any suggestions or experiences?

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  1. Yes. I took levoxyl for years. The pharmacy said it got discontinued and so I tried levothyroxine and it made me hyper. I’m on synthroid now. Synthroid seems to keep me stable but I feel like crap. Make sure to get the discount on their webpage.

  2. The pharmacy was wrong – they did not stop making it – here is a link to their website http://www.levoxyl.com/

  3. I take both

  4. Yes. Started on generic Levo and wasn’t feeling any better. My OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner recommended I try Synthroid. I did, and never looked back. It made a huge difference for me. Our insurance covers it 100% this year, which makes me very happy.

  5. Yes. About 10 months ago. I’ll be honest, I feel no difference.

  6. Yes my daughter and once switched her levels maintained consistency and 100 % difference in her. her insurance covers it completely. Just had to have the Dr write and actual script for it and not generic.

  7. My doctor gave me a 2 week supply to try because levo has been giving me some new weird symptoms and she’s hoping using brand will change it all. My levels are perfect and I feel great but I can’t sleep through the night and have been have bouts of shakiness and waking up sweating

  8. I switched from Levo to Armour almost a year ago. Helped with symptoms but gained 50 lbs

  9. I switched from Synthroid to Levo several years ago. I really didn’t notice a difference other than my thyroid levels were brought back into range. But they also increased my dosage. So it’s hard to say which is better for me.

  10. Noticed a huge almost immediate improvement. I had been on synthroid. Then a new doctor took me off and put me on levo. Literally felt like I was dying and couldn’t control myself. Plus every symptom of hypo came on magnified by 100. Switched back to synthroid and chewed out that doctor. Now I double check the pharmacy even though my new doctor specifies name brand, sometimes the pharmacy likes to do their own thing. Even though levo is the generic, they are not the same medicine! I had a pharmacist argue with me, when I know from experience. She backed up and believed me when I asked for name and license number so I could report her. I don’t play with my health like that. And I don’t appreciate it when others try to pull one over on me like that.

  11. If you are switching, why don’t you consider switching to NDT instead of to another synthetic T4 only medication?

  12. I had to be switched to Synthroid because my body never tolerated Levo. I’m now on something else (forgot the name) which is a gel cap version of the same drug. I switched to a new endocrinologist and she said that in some people, the gel cap version absorbs into the body easier. But I do suggest always talking to your doctor about what is right for you.

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