Levothyroxine to naturethroid?


Anyone switch from levothyroxine to naturethroid and have their t4 go below range but the T3 is in range? This is exactly what I thought would happen and I know sometimes people add some T4 to naturethroid. Do most people on nature throid have appropriate levels of T4 and T3? Or do they not care if their T4 is below range because there T3 is in range? For me I thought that you needed to have a mid-range T4

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  1. I swear to my soul…I’m gonna have to go get a degree in “lab-ra-tecture”. I am not even playing.?

  2. I just asked my Endo about synthetic T4/T3 (what I am on in two different pills) and desiccated hormones, and he told me I was forbidden from coming to this site…lol. Good luck.

  3. What? Thats crazy!! Many people are on tea many people are on NDT.

  4. I’m on nature thyroid. My levels were low so just had to go up. Feel better than I did on synthroid.

  5. I switched from levo to armour and now on nature throid. Feel the best I have in a long time. Big question is, how do you feel?

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